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  • Low cost miter saws

    I am new to woodworking but am trying to put together a little shop on a budget. I have been looking at the choices at H-D. Tomorrow morning they are going to have a unadvertised 1/3 off sale. I have been reviewing everything I can read and for the amount I have to spend have came up with these choices. I will list them and if and would like input from you that have alot more wisdom in this area than I do. I really want a 12" over the 10" but I have to stay in the $200 range. Here are the three choices.

    Dewalt 10" Model 703 $199 before sale.
    Ridgid 10" Model MS1065 no laser $198 before sale.
    Ryobi 12" with laser $229 before sale.

    My gut tells me the Dewalt is the best choice, but after reading reviews it seem the Ridgid is a good choice. I know Ryobi is not the best however I can get a 12" with laser for about the same amount.

    I will be making picture frames and 45 degree angle cuts mainly. All the other stuff is down the road a bit.

    Any Ideas?

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    Could you expound on this 1/3 off sale at all: all stores? all tools? Select tools? Select brands? Certain hours? Any info would be appreciated by the masses. As to your question, my money would bring home the DW.




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      The Ridgid you mentioned, is it the gray model? If so, it's clearanced at $99.00 now, so its probably cheaper than you think. They may just have the wrong price posted on it, as the newer model is 198 or 199.

      I would go with the Ridgid. Warranty longer than a year, bigger dust port, holds zero better, and you get a great clamp that Dewalt wants $40 bucks for in the box.


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        I have spent alot of time at HD the last two day trying to make up my mind on the miter saw. The salesman told me two days ago to wait until Friday to buy because there was going to be a huge sale on power tools. He did not know the specifics but said it was going to be big. I went back last night and spoke to a differnt saleman and asked if there was going to be a sale. He said that he was informed just that morning that Friday was going to be a 1/3 off sale but no one was supposed to say anything about it???? My wife asked the store manager and he verified that Friday was indeed an unadvertised sale on power tools. Which tools he would not say. The sale starts a 6:00 am and I was told to be there early. If it is only in my area (Boise) or not I do not know.

        You said you would go with the DW, how about the bending of the table I have been reading about?



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          Might want to look at m275 as well. If you have a lowes out your way they're about 130 regular p rice. I've been quite happy with mine and I know others have from other boards

          Only thing I'd look at when evaluating Ridgid is the clearance on insert. I've red that that is a weakness in their line. This could call tearout in your work. Their clamping system is better than the one I got with my Delta though. Not necessary but the quick release is a little more convenient.



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            The newer models have the zero clearance plates you cut yourself the first time you use the saw.


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              If you have a Lowes near by they carry Hitachi miter saws. I have one and it is a really good saw. Plus it will do 60 degrees to the right. Only $145. It also has a zero tolerance plate and electric brake.

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