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    Sorry, will the HD rep know?


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      "Sorry, will the HD rep know? "

      Probably not. Most are not likely to even know there IS an issue with the arbor, unless it was rolled down to them or they found out about by talking to the Ridgid Rep or another potential TS buyer.

      Only way to know is to open the box and look at the arbor, and this will not be as simple as it sounds. I can't remember how the saw is orientated in the box when shipped. I think it was right side up when you lift off the cover packing foam (top half of the foam packing inside the box). If this is true then to get an eyebal on the arbor without destroting the box would mean removing the saw from the box and flipping it up on its side or completely over, not an easy task and probably a PITA to get back in the box. You know how that stuff never fits going back in the box right?

      If someone who recently bought a TS3650 but had not opened the box yet could snap a pic or two as they unpacked it then we might be able to figure out a way to take a peek in the box without totally destroying it. We might be able to determine a place in the bottom of the box where you could cut a small opening could be cut to view the arbor w/o removing the saw from the box. But if anything is packed underneath the saw all bets are off, you ar eback to removing it from the packaging for a look see.