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    Just wondering where we are at with the Dado problem on the 3650 has Ridgid come up with the fix yet??

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    Yes, give 'em a call.

    About a month ago I called them for the new arbor after getting a Freud stack set for Christmas.

    They said it was a week by week deal how soon they could get it out but it got here in about 6 working days. Took the arbor out to the saw. The groove was not there but the length of exposure was the same.

    Called them back and had Tech Support - on their phone menu choose Option 2 once, and then choose Option 2 again on second voicemenu - I got Kiela - was kind to her and she went and fetched one to measure the thread exposure from the flange face. She said the one she was holding was an 1/8" more than the first one they sent. We'll see soon as the UPS truck gets here.

    Cost me $7 to send first one back. Probably could've gotten an RMA but didn't think to ask.
    UPS cannot do COD as you probably know.

    Let us know if you get yours okay.


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      Just to update.
      You'll see from other threads that the arbors are being issued and as expected I got the second arbor the other day and it when in pretty easily.

      Only thing now is I had thought Ridgid's new replacement arbor was also corrected for it's original shortness of length. Not a problem unless you plan to go with a full width professional dado set. Better dado sets can go up to 29/32" but the 3650 will only let you go up to 13/16" and that with cheating and not putting on the stabilizer washer.

      You might want to jump in here and express your opinion on these arbor issues, and/or mention the length issue to customer service if/when you call in for your arbor (sic) "upgrade" repalcement.


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        My new arbor is on the way Ridgid is taking care of the problem what more can one ask for.


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          I am by no means an expert but I did have the opportunity to talk to two experts over the weekend and I asked them about your obsession with the ts3650's arbor size and to be completely honest they laughed... To paraphase them, they said that for anyone thats interested in making wide Dadoes on the ts3650, it would be much safer to make two passes then trying to take too much in one pass. Also they mentioned that it would be much easier and extend the life of the saw to take two passes.

          I for one, feel a little bit better about my purchase now that I have investigated it a little bit more. Personally I think that for the money that I paid and for what I plan on using it for, its a great saw at a great price. Btw, I do plan on making Dadoes on my saw but will be quite happy to make two passes then trying to out perform what the saw that I purchased can safely handle.

          So Maineman and all the other people on this site thanks for the input, it has helped me learn more about my table saw and woodworking in general.


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            sc - appreciate the research and comments. Can see the idea is causing people concern mostly for personal reasons. You want to believe the 3650 is as good as it can be or could have been. I'm the same way. I want to like my tools. Don't want to feel shorted. You're also right about the price.

            I understand the arbor shortness doesn't matter if you don't plan to purchase a top of the line dado head.

            I understand about multiple passes. If I were dadoing a 1.25" deep dado, I'd be the first to recommend your experts make MORE than 2 passes.

            But if you are using a dado head to make many wide shallow rabbetts and dados, you understand why somebody might want to get the full use out of their dado accessory. In other words, if a TS shopper is about to purchase the 3650, or owns one already, for non-production volume needs, then I don't expect anybody's opinion to completely follow the logic of my "obsession", as you put it.

            Might also be helpful to understand, as I have come to accept, that the real cost in respecifying the arbor length would be in the die making for blow molding an entirely new dust shroud design.

            So, if Ridgid realizes that, then you can almost bet they'd assign a few clerver marketing people to monitoring to this forum and to hose any pricier ideas for product improvement.

            Wider dado set widths are cutting edge. I'm not arguing these widths are more common or likely to be universal amongst all dado heads in the near future.

            So my points apply only for those who are interested in improving the saws competitiveness and value in the marketplace. And probably only for those who want to believe their saw is capable of handling as many professional operations as possible, as safely and as cost-effectively as possible.

            Ridgid's company line would be to popularize the idea that good enough is good enough for as long as possible.

            Also, the rabbets and dados in question in my case are only an 1/8" deep.

            I can't return the dado set. To run it safely now a dado head chipper from the set I have will always be in the box going unused.

            Again I realize the issue goes nowhere since too few people on this site prefer not to be haunted by the fact the saw is less fully professional than other saws they might have chosen to go with. But again all they have to do is remind themselves that for today or for the next couple of years, the 3650 won't be anymore behind the times than other saws in lower price ranges.

            The saw price was a good one. But it would be a fairly dull assumption that Ridgid would soon be handing that Asian machinist apprentice a new blueprint revision, so long as everyone here snuggles in with the comapny driven Polyanna concensus.

            Hey. I know. 3/32". Big deal. HOWEVER -- Dust Shroud Injection Molding Dies, $4,000 or more (US, but certainly not that much in Asia). So I'm not optimistic that some pencil sharpening engineer would ever push for such a changeover on his own.

            Consumer complaints and drops in sales are the only things that drive changes like that. $4000? Definitely sounds like a lot to us but it's a drop in the bucket on mass production terms. A dollar per saw maybe. I'm sure we'd all be surprised how many of these saws are going out the door.

            Some will be eternally impressed. Others won't be. I'm just putting this out here to save others the dissappointment I experienced.

            Ridgid can keep the 4G's. And 3650 owners who think the concensus here is consumer driven vs. company driven can preserve the other fantasy that Ridgid will be installing the same arbor length 5 years from now.

            The sad part is they (Ridgid) may or may not get to the change, based on whether a large enough majority of owners is satisfied with the saw.

            The whole thing really is ridiculous I admit. Or would be with say a company like Grizzly who makes only a limited product line. They'd get to making the change sooner. Maybe I'm just trying to make the point that with a broad broad very broad line of tools, it more important to remember that it's the squeaky wheel (tool) that's going to get the upgrades sooner.

            It's a good saw. I'll live with it. Just pointing out you can't take it for granted that everyone chiming in on these threads actually owns this saw. That's all.


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              Originally posted by maineman:
              The whole thing really is ridiculous I admit. Or would be with say a company like Grizzly who makes only a limited product line.
              Are you saying that Ridgid has a larger power tool product line than Grizzly?

              <---- BTW Like my new avatar? That's me every time I read one of your posts! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
              "Did you put the yellow key in the switch?" TOD 01/09/06


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                Yessah Massah, sir. I think the new icon fits you're sincerity toward the saw, this site, and accurate information pretty well.

                As if the signature was misleading anyone you're into ISO quality work.

                Good hearing from ya.

                Say, I was wondering. Since you're here, is it true you can rack up 12 times as many posts as an average user when you don't bother to provide any original ideas on an issue?


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                  My new avatar is strictly my opinion of your opinions.
                  Since when does a hobbyist woodworker have to meet ISO standards?
                  What have you contributed except beat the same old dead horse over and over?
                  What would you know about an average user? You're just another TROLL!
                  Gonna answer my question about Grizzly or not?
                  "Did you put the yellow key in the switch?" TOD 01/09/06


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                    Originally posted by Lorax:
                    BTW Like my new avatar? That's me every time I read one of your posts! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
                    and a couple of [img]tongue.gif[/img] [img]tongue.gif[/img] for good measure.

                    I gotta admit though, I've never seen anyone use so many words to say so little. That in itself must be SOME kinds of talent.
                    I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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                      Originally posted by badgerdave:
                      I gotta admit though, I've never seen anyone use so many words to say so little. That in itself must be SOME kinds of talent.
                      That's the only thing he learned in "layur skool".
                      "Did you put the yellow key in the switch?" TOD 01/09/06


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                        These guys 'd be lost if this site went away, wouldn't they?
                        Takes a man to suffer ignorance and smile.


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                          What is the deal with this arbor length thing? Are all saws built with the saem length as the 3650?
                          Takes a man to suffer ignorance and smile.


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                            The deal is that numerous 3650's were and probably are still being shipped with arbors having a recess notch defect which is being corrected on a first come first server basis.

                            Other deal you've been reading about - the one causing cheap shots like those above - and other personal remarks -
                            is that even the replacement arbors without the notch defect are too short to load up the entire set of chippers that come with dado sets with a spec'd max width of 29/32".

                            To get a replacement call the number on the back of the assembly manual. You can either do the replacement yourself or take the saw to a service center. You will receive no replacement intstruction from RidgidParts but will find information in these 3650 threads.


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                              How can you tell before the purchase if the arbor is defective? Will the HP rep know?