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Are non-X2's inferior to X-2's

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  • Are non-X2's inferior to X-2's

    The X-2's are 2.0 amp-hr and non-X-2's are 1.7 amp-hr. Onviously the X-2's will have longer run-time. What about # of charge cycles? Are they the same? The X-2's charger fan cools the batteries, the non-X-2's does not. Does that mean the X-2's will have more charge cycles?
    Also the X-2's have a 30 min charge time and the non-X-2's have a 20 min charge time. Does the faster charge hurt the non-X-2 batteries?

    I'm trying to decide between the 18V and 14.4X2.
    I like the size, weight and power of the 18V. I like the charger and chuck of the X-2. I don't really need a 1/2" chuck, I'd rather use a corded drill for those applications.

    I am interested to know if they are the same quality and life expectancy...even with the warranty!
    I'm just an average homeowner/DIYer/Engineer.

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    no comments?


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      I'm more than happy with the hammer drill that comes with the 18V X2 combo kit...But to me having a 1/2" chuck was important...


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        FWIW - I am also a homeowner/DIYer. I purchased the 14.4 X2 primarily because I liked the chuck on the X2 better. The dual charger is great (haven't NEEDED it - just nice to have). I feel that for my needs as a DIYer (not a pro), the 14.4 will have plenty of power and the 1/2" chuck will handle anything I want to throw it at (I mean, throw at it ).

        The X2 chuck appealed to me because I previously purchased a 14.4V Craftsman EX (I got it on the cheap) and my major complaint with it is the chuck slippage. Probably unfairly, I associated the 'plastic' chuck of the Craftsman with the 'plastic' chuck of the non-X2 Ridgid.

        Can't give any kind of comparison to the 18V (Ridgid or any other) because I have never had one that big...(let me rephrase that)...mine is smaller...(oh never mind). You know what I mean. [img]tongue.gif[/img]
        Of course I can build you one of those - I just need a [new tool]!


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          Please see this reply as a comparison between the compact and x2 models


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            Brandman or Mr. Man
            I'd really like to hear from you on this thread.
            I'm not asking you to bash the non X-2's just give me your opinions and some facts. Honestly, the fact that you haven't chimed in on this subject makes me wonder about the quality of the non X-2's.
            I'd really like to hear from you guys.


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              NLP, I have owned both and used them extensively. The compact model is good for average homeowner use and is definitely much better than any Ryobi, B&D etc. It is in the same category of the non-XRP DeWalts. It is NOT a cheap drill.

              The X2 is heavier and built better. If you read my earlier post you saw the many advantages of the X2 over the compact. The one thing that got me to switch to X2's is the fact that the clutch is screwed onto the body on the X2, whereas it is not on the compact. Thus, there is some lateral play on the compact and none on the X2.

              Once I got to using the X2, I was amazed at the difference in power, runtime, feel, etc. Typically the X2 sells for 25% more than the compact but, in my opnion, it is worth at least 50% more.

              As to your other points:
              > High heat leads to shorter battery life;
              > The X2's will have more charge cycles simply because the batteries are cooled while charging;
              > The X2 cycle is 30 min because of the higher amp rating (more fuel to fill);
              > The X2 will last longer than the compact because of its larger motor/gearbox, steel chuck, cooled batteries, etc.

              I would suggest you go down to HD, buy both drills on your credit card, use them for a week or so, and return the one you don't like. The 90 day no-questions return is great. This the only way YOU wil know which drill suits you.