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  • portable pro vac

    I realy like the portable power pro vac. But can not find out if you can buy a set of wheels for it. My wife can not lift anything very heavy. Any help whould be great. Thanks Matt

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    Matt, you didn't say what you wanted the vac to do---don't know the name brand you mentioned, but for a powerful little vac, I really like the Shop Vac Allaround----great little vac.


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      I was looking at the portable pro vac for use with my sanders. Has anyone used the vac before? Also, can anyone recommend a tool start switch that would work with the vac? I could just flip two switches, but I'm also thinking of using this smaller vac with the band saw and drill press, so it'd be nice to just be able to plug any tool into the vac and have one start/stop option for the vac and tool.

      If I go with this vac it would be Ridgid tool #16 in my shop. I have to say that I've been very impressed with these tools over the past few years. I'm not a pro or contractor, but I'm really hooked on the new handheld line.

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