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  • Looking for a specific tool

    I am looking for an electric (or battery) tool which can drill pipes with hole sawers and it is stable on the pipe with somekind of mechanism... Can anyone help me? Thank you

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    What you are looking for is generally called a tube/pipe notcher. An example is this link:
    tube notcher

    I'm sure you will find hundreds with a simple web search.


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      I think it is more likely he is looking for something along the line of the victaulic hole cuting tool (see link) Vic® Hole Cutting Tools

      this tool clamps on the pipe and alows one to drill a hole through the pipe wall for connecting branch lines. while this tool is made for use with Victaulic fittings, I have seen them used to cut a hole in a line and then weld a soc-o-let or thread-o-let on for a branch connection. The drill used with this tool is the Milwaukee Hole Hawg.

      Milwaukee Hole Hawg®


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        Hey guys, remember what site you are on here...


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          Good point Steve, I wasn't aware that Ridgid had such a tool. I have only used the Vic Tool in the past, the Ridgid version probably was not even dreamed of back then.