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R4330 Planer - adjust elevation nuts

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  • R4330 Planer - adjust elevation nuts

    My planer is cutting one side 0.03" difference.
    How do you adjust the elevation nuts on a R4330 planer.
    I am assuming I need to loosen both sets of set screws opposite the height adjustment knob, then turning both upper and both lower elevation nuts to correct.
    But you know what they say about assuming. My concern is that if I raise/lower one side it will cause binding as the unit has 4 elevation screws.
    Any advice would be much appreciated.
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    Since I got no response for the above I proceeded to adjust.
    I loosened the set screws on one side (opposite hand crank) and the nuts were easy to adjust.
    I created a test piece made from gluing a bunch of 2x4's together to create a piece that was 3.5" high and 12" wide to use as a test piece.
    I was able to adjust so the test piece was exactly level on each end at 3" - 3.5" height.
    My problem is that if I lower the cutting head down to an 1" height it is not level. The head is about 0.03" difference from right/left side.
    Does anyone have any ideas of why or how to correct so cutting head is level at all heights.


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      Many of us might not be familiar with this problem, my only suggestion is to make sure your surfaces are dead flat at all times for obvious reasons. Please view the link.
      Well, big problem actually. My planer, an old delta model, decided on my last project "screw you, im gonna randomly cut deeper on one side so none of your panel glueups go right!". Well, i


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        I do not know how to adjust your machine,

        as on mine I can adjust the chain on the sprocket by one tooth, one turn is 1/16" of the elevation screw, so a 12th of a 1/16" of an inch, (0.0625 divide by 12, or about .005208 per tooth, at least I think that my planer has 12 tooth sprocket per elevation screw), it been Nealy 40 years since I felt I have had to play with it,

        If all else fails one could possibly reset the knives in the head, if there adjustable.
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