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TEKS Driver??????????

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  • TEKS Driver??????????

    I know this question is not concerning a Ridgid tool, but I really like this forum. I have been looking into electric screw guns. Mostly from Porter Cable and Milwaukee. They both have nice deck/drywall guns, but they also list a Teks Driver that appears to be very similar. What is a Teks Driver? Is Teks a type of screw? I need a gun to mostly drive screws into wood and very occasionally drywall. Any info wood be helpful. Thanks

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    The idea of a drywall gun is that it has a depth stop, which only allows the screw to sit just below the paper surface. Since you said you're just going to be using it with wood and occassional drywall, I'd say you don't need it. A drill/screwdriver, with a variable clutch is what you would need. Never heard of Teks.


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      TEKS is a registered trademark of Illinios Tool Works Inc. and according to the Milwaukee catalog they're a self-drilling/tapping fastener.
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        BD is correct. Used for sheet metal work like the ne metal wall studs
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          Thanks for the info. I really just want an electric break. It bothers me that my drill takes some time to wind down. I wish that they would make electric drills like Cordless ones. I hate batteries.