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Rigid R4516 TS Table Slides when Locked

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  • Rigid R4516 TS Table Slides when Locked

    Picked this up last week and discovered that the table slides out of the condensed position (when locked) when you are running longer cuts.

    I was ripping 9" wide 8/4 maple and was pretty pissed when I saw the gap between the tables apres cut (about 1/8").

    Am I the only one? Can I tighten down the lock mechanism?

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    Sorry but you lost me at "table slides out of the condensed position" and "tables apres cut". Can you elaborate on what you mean by those two?
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      When the table leaf to the right is of blade not extended, and locked to stay that way, the extension table will open up when making a cut. I can also pull on the extension table, when it is locked, and get it to slide out.

      So when making cuts of 10" or so (when the fence is locked onto the extension), I found that the table would slide out whenever some force is applied to the fence. For example, when ripping a large piece of lumber the width would start at 10" and end up at 10 1/8 or 10 1/4.


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        I am not familiar enough with this model saw to offer helpful solutions.

        But it sounds like the lock is not being engaged correctly or not working altogether.

        I would say call RIDGID CS and see if they can help. Have you reviewed the manual
        to be sure you are engaging the lock correctly? If you don't have one you should be
        able to find it on the RIDGID Powertools website.

        Here's a PDF copy I found on HD's website if you need it.

        From what I could see this is the only instruction on using the extension table.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	r4516exttable.png Views:	1 Size:	138.4 KB ID:	724678
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          Thanks Bob. Have the manual and no mention. Will give them a call.


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            Well, took back the saw after support suggested I exchange and I opened up another box at the store only to find the same issue. Had to go refund as I can?t accept cuts opening up like that.


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              Sorry it didn't work out for you. Maybe look for a DeWalt saw, there are a few different
              models so do your homework. I've seen some good YT reviews of the various models.
              DeWalt also makes a cordless version of the portable table saw. Might be something that
              interests you, maybe not. It can run off 120V AC or a pair of their 60V batteries.
              "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006