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First impressions of Forrest WWII

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  • First impressions of Forrest WWII

    I finally broke down and purchased a WWII blade and bolted it on the old TS2424 and my preliminary impression is that it does not live up to all the hype it receives. I first ripped some 4/4 walnut and cherry, did it produce smooth edges? Yes, but not as smooth as my Freud Glue Line Rip blade. Next I crosscut the same boards, and again it produced smooth cuts, but not even close to the results obtained by my 96 tooth Freud blade on my CMS. I realize I’m comparing specialized blades to a single general-purpose blade but it continually receives praise as producing smooth as glass cuts which I was unable to obtain. I next cut some ¼” cherry ply and the results were an absolute thing of beauty, unbelievably clean cuts, I looked through a magnifying glass and the top was perfect and the bottom showed very minute chipout that was not visible to the naked eye. I’m sure it is an excellent blade overall and my expectations were just unrealistically high due to the repeated extreme praise it receives, maybe with time I’ll be more impressed.

    I also got time to take my new Milwaukee 2.25 HP Bodygrip Router for a spin, and my initial impression is that thing is Sweeeeeeeeeet! I just chucked up a chamfering bit and routed a bunch of scrap but it is a really fun router, ergonomics are outstanding. The linear depth adjustment system works terrific, the on/off switch is very conveniently located, exceptionally soft start motor and the tray that removes form the case and allows you to place the router in it with the bit protruding was pure genius.

    Thanks for listening


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    I've never been able to pull the trigger on a purchase of a Forrest blade myself. I can't get past the arguement I have with myself that the WWII for 66% more money is going to give me a 66% higher quality cut that I get from my Freud LU Series blade. It also seems to me that, although I have no testing data to back this up, the Forrest won't give me more resharpenings than the Freud will. I'm sure that the Forrest is a very high quality product but I'm just not convinced that it merits the asking price. For that matter, I'm sure there are people on this forum that share the same view when it comes to Freud blades versus the one they are currently using.
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