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Ridgid 1550 drill press quill travel

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  • Ridgid 1550 drill press quill travel

    When I was playing with the HD floor model, I measured the quill travel. This was dinged in some reviews because it wasn't as great as some other brands. I measured and came up with 4 inches so I thought, great, they improved it a little over the previous 3.75 inches. When I bought one, I noticed the box said 3.75 inches and the website does too. I measured the one I bought and it looks like 4 inches. Small point I suppose, but it isn't often that the marketing literature understates actual performance of a power tool.

    I also notice that the motors in my Ridgid tools seem to be somewhat conservatively rated. For example, the bandsaw motor's nameplate says 3/4 hp and 10 full load amps whereas some competing saws are labeled 1 hp for 10 full load amps.