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I don't understand HD + Ridgid

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  • I don't understand HD + Ridgid


    I was in HD this evening and saw many of the Ridgid woodworkering tools on clearance. These were not the old grey ones but the new orange ones. The planer that I had been looking at for 2 months at 379.00 was down at 299.00 (orig 399.00). The jointer was 299.00 it has been 399.00 (orig 449). Same with the bandsaw 299.00. I know the radial arm saw is being discountinued and it is at 450.00. Same with the lathe now at 150.00. The new table saw is still at 600.00 though.

    These prices don't appear to be "sale" prices but serious clearance mark-downs. I am tempted to snag the jointer at that price but I am getting worried about Ridgid's or HD commitment to keeping these tools and the support available for them. I have several Ridgid woodworking tools, but I recently got the Delta 22-580 planer because of my reluctance to rely too heavy on this brand if they decide to drop them. The lack of inventory for supplies ( blades etc.) seems to be a bad omen though. That's too bad because I think they do offer great value at previous prices, and are great bargains at the prices I saw. Ayone else seeing these prices?


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    Good question but hard to say,

    I would guess that Ridgid will continue to be available. Managers at HD have quite a bit of flexibility. Maybe in your particular market they don't sell as many free standing power tools. I don't think I've seen a new jointer yet here though. Old or new. Home Depot will sell whatever they make money on. If it's not a moneymaker, they'll cut the line. We'll all have to keep our eyes open to figure this one out.



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      As a Home Depot hardware department supervisor I assure you that HD's commitment to the new Ridgid line is serious and it long term. The pricing you see on the new models of Ridgid is incorrect..I sell alot of stationary tools in my store, and when I saw a clearance price on a new tool, I freaked. I found out that it was merely a clerical is only the "old" gray styles that are on clearance, the person who put the clearance tag on merely read the description, not the part number, not the sku number...and it was quickly corrected in my store, obviously not in others. Thank you for the heads up...I will relay the message to the powers that be.



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        We need to learn to never ask questions and instead "grab" these things as they appear.

        Several months bak I was in a Woodcraft store in midwest just browsing and wasting time when I saw the large Kreg Pak listed for $29.75. Since I already had one and know I paid well over a $110 for this at a show I debated for a minute - then purchased 4. The cashier caught the error and they retagged every one except the ones I had as "customer relationship matter - our error so they are yours". BTW - he said he knew their cost was somewhere over $70.

        Errors can hurt a bottom line. And I will spend more there, or at least at closer stores, in future as they handled this in a very classy manner. They shall recover the loss from me alone I shall wager as I spend more than one needs to on nice yet seldom used trinkets.

        BTW and FWIT - local HD's seem heavey on power tool inventories again. Is there a sale on the near horizon ???

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          Thanks for the replys. wags, I believe the same thing happened here that you were talking about. I went to another HD that stocks more tools and only the grey models were discounted. That is good to know. They did have one of the jointers still in the box at $299.00. It jumped into the back of my truck and went home with me. I just couldn't pass up the deal. I was looking into the Yorkcraft jointer which is at Wilke machinery not too far from my house, but I think I got the better value at this price.

          I wonder how many of the new models rolled out the door in the confusion at the "new" prices.


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            Even if the employees look at the part numbers they are the same. for example, the Jointer is still JPO610 and the DP is still DP1550.


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              I believe wags has a point- some of the clearance stuff is errors of employees.

              I bought the orange base ts2400 w/ stand last week on clearance for $225. When I opened the box I was suprised to see the orange base- and members here told me that its the new model. THat had to be an error.

              I bought all of Ridgids shop line on clearance from HD in the last 60 days, and this was the only new model of the bunch.

              I'm a happy camper with the deal.


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                Seems it could be marking errors, BUT, I have also seen in-store sales like this. As was said, managers seem to have a lot of descretion as to what they carry. Our local HDs discontinued the lathe and RAS years ago----then there was the company-wide dropping of their dust collectors.

                As to future support, I really don't think it matters much which tools an individual HD does or doesn't carry. About the only support you'll ever get from HD is being able to return merchandise for refunds or exchanges. HD has never been consistant in supporting accessories, etc.

                I think what remains is to see if Ridgid will fully support the accessories and spare parts for the tools, which is still a bit spotty.