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Ridgid megamax is official

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  • Ridgid megamax is official

    I don't know if I'm allowed to post pictures from Facebook pages, so for now I'll tell you guys to head over to the Tool Box Buzz Facebook page to see the first pictures​I've seen of the Ridgid megamax system.

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        Tool guide had an article out a while back, but this is the first I've seen any pictures.


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          Click image for larger version

Name:	FB_IMG_1516784519725.jpg
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Name:	FB_IMG_1516784541860.jpg
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ID:	726595 photo credit goes to the tool box buzz Facebook page.


          • Bob D.
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            Have to agree with this. If you look at Bosch and Festool who have been making tools with interchangeable heads like this for years you will notice that they do not use a 'soft' connection between the power unit and the interchangeable tool head. Festool uses a hex drive and a very substantial connection between the power unit and the head, nothing like that used on the JobMax. But I have had my JobMax for many years and so far no problems with the connection or the soft connector on the drive shaft. It's also not a tool I consider for heavy duty use though.

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          I'm not a fan of this at all. Each of these tools in this combo is a heavy duty tool and really should be a stand alone tool. I use my cordless jobmax only as a multitool and can't believe how much that thing rattles and how much slop it's developed. Never been a fan of interchangeable tool heads. Sure it will tickle some people's fancy, just not mine. I'm a big Ridgid fan and recently added quite a few new tools to my already vast lineup. I just don't get this one. Sorry for the Debbie Downer, just my honest feelings.
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          • gear junkie
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          • Joshua Burgess
            Joshua Burgess commented
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            I gotta say though, it looks like they're serious about it seeing as there's quite a bit of metal in the coupler area. Not to mention those are pretty high power heads, so they can't get away with a bad design. I think if it's designed right, it could be a game changer.

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          Makes me think of the Jobmax on steroids!
          I wonder how well the rubber interface gear will hold up with those heavy duty tools..You may want to
          stock up as they won't be available 6 weeks after these tools enter the market....typical Ridgid!

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            I think it's a cool idea, but it won't replace my standalone equipment anytime soon.


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              It would be a unique design, but I could see a high torque impact wrench head, a grinder head and maybe some sort of circular saw.


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                The mega max seems like the same tools over and over. recip saw, sds I got that already let?s see some new stuff how about a pin nailer a framing nailer not sure if it?s possible but a roofing nailer would be a game changer since no one has such a thing. Maybe a transfer pump & powered drain snake. I would love some out door power equipment like a chainsaw and backpack blower like dewalt has. Wishful thinking I suppose. But a boy can dream. Like many other people on the Ridgid platform I was forced to start on another brand for the stuff that Ridgid doesn?t make. Anyway just felt like venting.


                • Joshua Burgess
                  Joshua Burgess commented
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                  I kinda agree but I think it'll​ be a good option for people starting a platform, because the cost is much lower overall. They aren't available yet but they are listed on home depot's website. The powerhead is $99, the reciprocating saw head is $69, the right angle drill head is $99, and the SDS plus rotary hammer head is $119. That brings total cost up to $390ish before tax. Considering the Ridgid SDS rotary hammer drill is $249 by itself, there's definitely a price advantage to the megamax. Not to mention it's one of the new Octane tools and has a brushless motor.

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                Look what just showed up on HD






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                  I agree with Jpro, this is not expanding the line as many current Ridgid owners would like, or perspective buyers for that matter! Multi tools do not replace the expanded tool lines of the other brands. I will still buy Ridgid if they offer what I want, I have a Milwaukee blower, line trimmer, and soon I will buy their hedge trimmer, and M18Fuel Chainsaw. Imagine all the customers, and revenue Ridgid lost, and continues to lose? Enjoy this new tool, and whatever it will help you do, I want more, and I can have it right now!


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                    I've bought various brands/types of "multi tools" in the past, and always, ALWAYS been disappointed that I didn't just get individual dedicated tools. It doesn't cost much more and you always get something much better for the job. The only reason I might consider one of these systems is because they offer tools that Ridgid doesn't sell in a dedicated model.

                    Originally posted by Frankiarmz View Post
                    Imagine all the customers, and revenue Ridgid lost, and continues to lose?
                    I think Ridgid has made it clear that they do not care one little bit. Why would they? Ryobi, Milwaukee, and Ridgid are all basically the same company. The same person gets money in their pocket regardless of which brand you buy. For whatever reason, they have decided that Ridgid will be a limited Brand, and I can assure you this is permanent. It probably has something to do with the LSA, they don't want to keep repairing every kind of tool for life.


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                      Interesting, I've been watching Ridgid's SDS drill for when I remodel my bathrooms. However MegaMax + SDS actually looks a little better than the standalone SDS.

                      Ridgid SDS Drill:
                      Impact Energy: 1.8lbs
                      BPM: 4200
                      RPM: 1400
                      Weight: 6.2 lbs
                      Price (On Home Depot): $249

                      Impact Energy: Unknown
                      BPM: 5000
                      RPM: 1400
                      Weight: 10.82 (base and SDS attachment)
                      Price (On Home Depot): $218

                      That right angle drill looks beefy too but also doesn't list power rating. Recip. saws look identical including orbital modes:

                      Gen 5X brushless reciprocating saw:
                      SPM: 3100
                      Stroke length: 1 1/8"
                      Weight: 7.2 lbs
                      Price (On Home Depot): $149

                      MegaMax+Reciprocating saw:
                      SPM: 3100
                      Stroke length: 1 1/8"
                      Weight: 11 lbs
                      Price (On Home Depot): $168

                      I also noticed MegaMax base is brushless while all attachments are labeled as brushed? I wonder if MegaMax is the reason North America hasn't seen Ridgid's brushless SDS drill? I might end up with a MegaMax SDS just because it's cheaper lol.
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                        It will get buyers hell I ll probably buy it if they make a few more attachments and or pair it with a 5 or 6 amp battery just for LSA on the battery