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weight of 12 V vs. 18 V drill?

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  • weight of 12 V vs. 18 V drill?

    i was looking at getting a 12V cordless to accompany my 18 V when i didn't need the extra weight (screwing in fence pickets, etc). Is there significant weight difference? i checked the specs. on the website, but didn't see weight mentioned.


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    I have 2 18v DeWalt drills right now that I had gotten used to over the years. When Ridgid came out with their line last year, I looked at the X-2 drills. The 18v drills were significantly heavier than the DeWalt counterparts. In fact, I wound up buying the Ridgid 12v x-2 instead of the 18V. It has done everything I have asked of it. The weight is very similar to my 18v DeWalt drills.


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      Have you thought about the 14vlt impact driver. More power less weight. Ridgid looks nice, but has not hit the shelves of my local HD. I have the Hitachi 12vlt(2.3 lbs) impact and I love it vs. any drill(5 lbs +). All competitiors have more accessories built for the impact drivers to fit the 1/4 hex shank.


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        12V X2 was recently marked down to $99, not a bad deal.



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          was looking at getting a 12V cordless to accompany my 18 V when i didn't need the extra weight
          I bought a couple of the Ridgid 12V 3/8" for the very same reason. I install cabinets frequently and wanted to replace my aging Bosch. The 3/8 is significantly lighter and very compact. I like the fact that there is no auxiliary handle to add 3/4" of needless length. Power is excellent - about 50% more than my old Bosch.
          To be honest though, I might have been better off waiting for more impact drivers to come out. They are even smaller due to the lack of a chuck. You need to use speedlock bits for drilling though.
          The 12V 1/2" is indead a steal at $99 (less than the 3/8" ???). They must be dropping it. I'm tempted to buy one for the X2 batteries but battery life has not been a problem for me. The downside is the X2 is significantly heavier than the non-X2.


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            I just reframed my garage door opening and installed a new garage door. Used the Dewalt 14.4 impact gun the entire time. was truly awesome. The best money I spent.....
            sorry to plug Dewalt, wasn't my intention. The impact guns out right now (in general) are just great!!

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