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AC1098 TS Dust Collector Kit ??

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  • AC1098 TS Dust Collector Kit ??

    My father-in-law special ordered this at Home Depot but they now called to tell him it was discontinued. He has a 3612 saw ... is the AC1098 kit really no longer available ??

    Short of making his own, does anyone have any other suggestions ?? Possibly something from another manufacturer ??



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    Re: AC1098 TS Dust Collector Kit ??

    I have the same problem. Go to and they have dust collector that will fit inside the stands of the TS24121 saw. But a little cardboard on the back to cover the whole on the right side of the motor and you are in business. Works Great!!



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      Re: AC1098 TS Dust Collector Kit ??

      I believe this is what Dogvf143 is refering too. A homemade one using a piece of scrap ply and a toilet flange will also work just as well. I've had a homemade version on my 3612 since day 1 and because I actually have it bolted to the saw and the stand I feel I get a better seal than the store bought ones will give you. Because of the more efficient seal, virtually no sawdust escapes from the underside of my saw other than what is sucked up by my dust collector.
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