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    Does anyone out there know if Ridged is going to make their RAS soon? If they have stopped production I have something that can turn the whole "bad tool" idea out the window. I have an idea that I think your company may be interested in. RAS's are dangerous pieces of equipment- I have found a way to alleviate that problem- you could add it to your RAS.
    Totally hand free operation- including yoke attachment for router with pitch/yaw/bevel. This thing is one precise animal. I have this in my shop-no one has this because I have fabricated it and it is "unbelievably awesomeā€¯. Production of this is another story. If interested in this I have pictures and a proposal for you. I hate to see the RAS go to the whey side when there is so much more that I am doing with it than anyone thought you could and the best thing about it is that it is incredibly safe.

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    Are you aware that the only Ridgid people that read these forums are the moderators? And all they do is moderate. If you want Ridgid to see your message, you might want to try the "Contact Us" link on the "Home Page".
    "Did you put the yellow key in the switch?" TOD 01/09/06


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      Have you considered a patent? Don't give it away! If it is a good as you say make them pay for the right to use it. The little guy has a right to fame and fortune just like the big guys!

      Don't use those TV Patent jokers either....