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    Am I reading your website correctly? The Smartbase would alow me to make plunge cuts with my Ridgid CS?

    Thanks for all of you quick answers and interest in woodworkers. I've seen that you've been quick to jump in with details on a couple of other forums too. And you've handled the tricky waters of the Festool crowd with manners and tact.

    \"Last year we couldn\'t win at home.<BR>This year we can\'t win on the road.<BR>My failure as a coach is that I <BR>can\'t think of anyplace else to play.\"<BR> - Coach Harry Neale, Canucks


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      Hi Scorpion.
      You know that I'm a carpenter and woodworker.
      When another (woodworker) is telling me...With my 48 teeth blade, I don't need your antichip inserts..and another one that he prefers to cut on his garage floor because his FAVOR tool CO don't come up with the Smart table design First...
      It makes me to believe that this guys they must get the blades for free and they never have the need to CUT anything.
      And don't take me wrong here because I HAVE NEVER STOP SAYING HOW GOOD THIS TOOLS ARE.
      And I will try my best to keep things under control and manners.
      Because after all thats all we ask for.
      And to stop all this nonsence (my tool is better than your tool) we hade to come up with the eurekazone challenge that no one has taken yet.
      Any way I hope you understand.

      About Your Ridgid saw.When I first hold that saw on my hands I said to my self..Perfecto!!!!
      It will work fine with the EZSmart. In order to do plunge cuts you have to use the rail for the stablility and safety that you need when you plunge your saw.Just unlock your depth control lever.You will find out that your Ridgit Saw is much better than any plunge saw and more versatile
      You can go from Plunge to cut expensive plywood with no chips on either side of your cut to rough framing to Demolition. And if you get the Diablo Freyd.40 teeth blade or a similar quality one for $12.00 to $15.00 your cuts can be better than any other blade or any other saw.
      And this is the true and only the true.
      Now, about my spelling...What you want from me?
      I learn how to wright from the signs at Home Depot
      And lately from the Forums.
      Welcome to eurekazone my friend.