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Ridgid Power Tools SUCK! "RANT"

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  • Ridgid Power Tools SUCK! "RANT"

    Had my TS3650 for 3 months, threads on the arbor were always a little off. Yesterday i had a problem getting the blade nut off and broke one of finely crafted arbor wrenchs. Had to get out the trusty snap-on wrenchs to complete the job. Called today to order a replacement arbor shaft and was told that they could not send me the part i would have to go to service center for the repair. Load the saw in the trunk of my New Honda Accord and take it 40 miles, leave it for a couple of months (estimate from service center). I have had to get other parts from ridgid before. They have a new policy just like Home Depot "Get There Money And Then Screw'em". Don't you love customer service. I was willing to fix it myself! I wish i new i was buying a big piece of S#*T paper weight. What the HELL is up with these people?
    If It\'s Not Broke, Fix It Anyway!

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    Your experience with Ridgid customer service seems to be exactly the opposite of mine. See my post of 6-3-04 for details.

    You might try pushing them harder before accepting the current answer. It most likely will require talking to a supervisor or someone even higher. Be firm, but polite, and point out the folly of their ways both for you and for them.

    Good luck,



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      Thank's Rob.

      A Big Thumb's up to Sandra a customer service Supervisor with Ridgid. Told her my story this A.M. with regard to my dilemma and after some looking for the parts on her computer she said she would send them out for a delivery in 7 to 10 days. That is a lot better than 2 to 3 months. Sandra you probably will never see this but you have restored my faith in Ridgid customer service.
      If It\'s Not Broke, Fix It Anyway!


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        It's amazing what you can accomplish when you replace a with a , isn't it?
        I decided to change calling the bathroom the "John" and renamed it the "Jim". I feel so much better saying I went to the Jim this morning.


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          Service centers They seem to be the weak point on just about every tool brand. The first time you obviously talked to someone who didn't know what a table saw was.

          Glad you got it resolved. Replacement shouldn't be as bad as you might think. My only advice is don't remove the front trunion---just loosen it. Stick some scrap blocking inside the base----that assembly can be heavy from the angle you're working at----good luck and glad you got it resolved.


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            [QUOTE]Originally posted by jhurd:

            delivery in 7 to 10 days. That is a lot better than 2 to 3 months.

            I requested some parts in December. I was also told 7 - 10 days. They arrived yesterday!
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              On the other hand, they said it would be 7 to 10 business days shipping time for the missing part from my RAS 1000 to get to me, and it arrived 4 days later. It took four calls to get them to send me the part, one that they forgot to put in the original box with the saw. But when I got the right person, she was courteous and polite.

              I note that you mentioned Snap-On, FWIW, I've even had trouble with a numbskull in their Customer Service Dept. It wasn't about a $25 wrench either, but a $4700 KRL series tool box. And that company is legendary for their quality and customer service. I think it all depends on who you happen to get when you call in. In the end, the story at Ridgid and mighty Snap-On are the same: when I got the right person on the phone, I got treated right and courteously.

              I'd suggest always sticking to your guns (don't settle for less than what is right), don't get too angry (like I did when I fired off a very nasty email to PayPal tonight), keep stating your case clearly and calmly, and don't give up until you get the right thing done.


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                Oh, yes, a point that I forgot: Ridgid power tools, the REAL Ridgid power tools, the ones that were made here, in the U.S. by Emerson Electric most certainly do not suck. Perhaps the new, Taiwanese, Ryobi-made ones do, but not the old ones.


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                  It is not our intention that you have a bad customer service experience with RIDGID(r). We are working hard to getting the pieces in place to support service as well as our supply chain to develop and manufacture products for sale. There is no excuse for the delay when you depend on your tools. We understand that we have work to do there and are presently placing resources on this task.

                  One comment to Scott... We manufactured tools abroad as Emerson. The key is the design, engineering and quality control.