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    I bought a 4pc RIDGID combo kit (R922) right before Christmas. I then attended the International Homebuilders show in Orlando earlier this month and visited the RIDGID booth. Long story short, I talked with a guy who gave me a promo coupon for a free cordless jigsaw and an 18v battery.

    Well, today I get ready to send it in and realize that it's only for kits sold between 12-30-04 and 1-31-05. Just my luck. I tried to call RIDGID (who doesn't have 24hr customer service in 2005?), but they were closed at 4:00 CST. I called my local Home Depot. The guy there couldn't tell me for sure if it was available for the rebate, but he said to just send it in anyway and I might get lucky. I said, "Well, I guess I could just bring it back in tonight for a return and get another one, and then I could send in the rebate stuff for the new set." He slowly agreed, but I really don't want to have to go through with this. My set works just fine.

    So, what's going to happen? I plan to call RIDGID in the morning and talk with them, and quite honestly can't imagine them turning me down for buying a product too early, but then again, they probably sold 50,000 of those over Christmas so why should they care about me. I just don't want to get screwed out of receiving a free tool and extra battery just because I bought something early.

    Is RIDGID going to work with me on this one? Or am I asking for too much.

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    The promotion was in place to drive sales after Christmas and in the month of January. To be legit - the deal is between the dates you listed. There are hundreds of offers out there that people miss because of a start / stop date. This phenomina is not localized just to a RIDGID power tool promotional offer.

    I would suggest that it is worth your while to call. Call RIDGID power tool support at 866-539-1710. If they are willing to work with you will have to provide a copy of your reciept and the proof of purchase off the original carton. Without those two items, the discussion is mute.

    Best of luck.


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      According to your own information, the promo was for purchases made between 12/30/04 and 01/31/05 and you purchased yours before 12/30/04. Your purchase doesn't qualify for this promotion and you're not entitled to any free product. You may feel you're getting screwed because you bought a few days before the promo started but in reality, Ridgid owes you nothing. How far back before 12/30/04, or after 01/31/05 do you feel Ridgid should go? These types of promos have a start and end date for a reason.
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        I find myself in agreement with Badger Dave. How many of us have bought a new car or truck and felt we had a really good deal only to see the new discounts and higher rebates the following month. Its one of those "OH WELL" things that we learn to live with.

        Obviously you liked the deal you made when you bought your tool kit or you would not have made the purchase. Now others are getting a little better deal, thats all.
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          I'm with badgerdave as well. Why have the rules if they don't mean anything?

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            I also agree with badgerdave, there was a specific window of opportunity for this particular offer and unfortunately you made your purchase before the offer went into effect; and, at this point in time, any exchange or whatever would be after the effective dates. You did have a 30-day "price-guarantee" window, which is offered by Home Depot, in which you could have taken back the tool and then made a re-purchase which would have then made you eligible for the free offer. But unfortunately, that opportunity was also missed. So, I guess you are really just out of luck, unless you can find some charitable manager at Ridgid who is willing to expand the offer just for you.

            Timing is everything when it comes to these kinds of deals and you are certainly not alone when it comes to missing out, as I'm sure we've all been there more often than not. Many of us keep a stash just for such "deals" and we all try to maintain a watchfull eye for the next deal that will come along. Good luck and don't let this one surprise get you down.


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              Gosh, I am really impressed with the replies to this post - there really are folks out there that take personal responsibility seriously - how in the world someone can feel screwed out of something that they were never intitled to is beyond me - perhaps a lesson has been learned.


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                Oh, by the way to scrambler28 - Semper Fi, my friend.