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12V Right Angle Impact, Am I missing something?

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  • 12V Right Angle Impact, Am I missing something?

    I picked up the 12V Drill and Impact combo this afternoon, $99 was too good of a deal for any self-respecting tool freak to pass up. Anyway, I feel I must be missing something in the proper technique of using the Impact Driver. I was unable to keep the bit from spinning in the screw head without applying pressure to the head of the driver with my other hand, this makes it more difficult to use than a regular drill/driver and totally contradicts everything I have read about these little marvels. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to finesse this thing or is it just the awkward handling of the right angle design? I don’t have anything negative to report about the drill it appears to be a sweet little drill.



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    I think it is the right angle design that is causing you problems. The right angle is more designed to remove nuts IMO where the 14.4 is designed to handle both.