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Shop Vac covered by lifetime warranty??

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  • Shop Vac covered by lifetime warranty??

    HomeDepot is offering one of Ridgids wet/dry shop vacs for $34 the 16 gallon i think. I've allready got a good shop vac, but they do tend to die everyfew years so if the vac is covered by the warranty I'll probably go pick one up.

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    I bought one of these, only here in Foort Worth, they are 39.97 for the 5 hp, 12 gal (WD1245). Regular price 69.97. Didn't need another except the wife stole my shop vac (6.5 16 gal Ridgid with blower) to use in the house, and it's been a real pain to get it back to the garage. Hopefully she can use the new one, and quit griping about all the saw dust in the garage .
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      The same one was on sale in Detroit this weekend for the same price. When I got to the store on Friday, they had the last one marked down to $20! Needless to say, it is now mine. Are they about to change the style or eliminate that particular model from their line or something? It sure was cheap (Even at $39.95.)


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        That was a Black Friday promotion. The vac goes back up to normal price tomorrow, as if anyone's going to have one in stock. [img]smile.gif[/img]


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          I saw the HD ad for these Ridgid shop vacs that came out on Thankgiving day. The ad stated that they would be on sale Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. There was no mention of limited quantities. Because I had company over through Friday, I decided to go to HD first thing Saturday am. However, when I got there and saw that there were none left, I was first told that the sale was only through Friday. I didn't bring the ad and was told the same thing by the tool department person and the service desk. HD also did not have the ad. Because I knew that I was right, I went home and got the ad, which clearly says Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This time I showed it to another tool dept person, who hesitatingly acknowledged that the sale did go through Sunday. However, he flatly said that he could not give me a rain check because that was not allowed. The ad says nothing about this, nor does it say quantities are limited. The tool guy then said he would get a manager. After waiting for about 15 minutes and after seeing the same tool guy making keys for someone after apparently forgetting about me (of avoiding me), I left in a very bad mood.

          The reason for this post is that this type of customer (dis)service is very likely indicative of how HD will treat customers who have problems with the Ridgid tools after the 90 period runs. I have been strongly considering buying the TS3650 table saw before the end of the year. However, if this is the type of service I will get when my motor fails, I want no part of the Ridgid TS. In fact, I was so irritated by this experience that I plan on returning the 3 piece combo set on Monday and getting a combo set from another vendor. Needless to say, I will not be buying the TS3650.

          If Ridgid really plans on promoting their tools in direct competition with Milwaukee, Dewalt, etc., it needs to get HD out of the way. Fortunately for me, a Lowe's is going in down the street.


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            I purchased 2 of the $40.00 vacs on friday, not because of the warranty, but because of the price. The vac works well, no better no worse than my 15 year old Craftsman. It does seem to be much quiter than a Ridgid vac I used 3 years ago. As far as the lifetime warranty is concerned, if you read the warranty you will find the words "LIFETIME OF THE TOOL" not your lifetime. So whats the lifetime of a Ridgid shop-vac?, is it at least 15 years and counting?


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              Toolesq-----read an article in Sunday business section that HD CEO is striving for consistancy in their stores----hope he doesn't use your local store as a model. Before the whole Ridgid change-over became the hot topic here, the biggest non-ww'ing topic was crumby service at HD----Frankly, with all the complaints about them not displaying or stocking (usually too lazy to find back stock) of Ridgid Tools----I'd venture to say Ridgid sales would have been much better if they were exclusively stuck with HD.

              As to lifetime vs. lifetime of the tool----Toolesq---you can chime in from a legal perspective, but frankly I think is wiggle wording. Example----we had a Hotpoint dishwasher (made by GE). They had a recall on it, based on a bad switch that could cause a fire. They, after the fact, state that the expected life of their DW was 8-10 years----with one pump switch replacement, ours was 15 years old and still going strong----hence, they wouldn't replace the switch (about a $5.00 item) and instead would only give us a $25 off coupon for our next dishwasher bought from them. Yes, we got a new dishwasher---not a GE .

              But, on power tools---particularly Ridgid's old stationary tools-----lifetime, IMHO should be my lifetime and then some.

              BTW---toolesq----I don't think much of the 3650----check out General, Delta and Bridgewood, all of which have received positive reviews.