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dust shroud for 3612/2424

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  • dust shroud for 3612/2424

    I was at home depot the other day looking at the new 3650 and wanting to know if anyone here has attempted to make one for the 3612/2424. It looks like a solid dust collection for the saw and would love to hear if it can be done for the 3612.

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    eric, there are inexpensive aftermarket dust hoods that you can purchase that will enclose the bottom of you 3612. Most come with a 4" outlet. Penn State, Rockler and others carry them. For an example, go to and type in DT4 in the search box.

    What I did with mine was to make a dust hood out of a piece of scrap MDF and a 4x3 PVC closet collar. The 4" hose to my DC fits over the 3" outlet of the closet collar. I also enclosed the back of the saw using ΒΌ" hardboard cut to fit and flexible magnet strips glued to the hardboard for mounting the hardboard to the back of the saw. The magnet strips make removal and reinstallation of the back pieces very easy as my current design requires me to remove the back when I have to tilt the blade for miter cuts.
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      dave thanks for the reply. I am currently running that setup and always looking to run a better system. the shroud on the 3650 looks to be much better system and I am wanting to know if anyone has tried it. Having the shroud looks like it would get the dust more efficiently as it is closer to the source of the dust.