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  • More news from Woodworkers Journal eZine

    Here is a link to an article that just came out in Woodworker's Journal eZine . Some old news, some new. I know lots of thoughts have have been expressed and some folks have even chosen to leave the forum. The new tools are almost here and I, personally, look forward to seeing them.
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    Interesting. I'll be able to get the stuff from Grainger at full price

    Also, what if I use it for 34 hours a week?


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      Mike3206 wrote: Also, what if I use it for 34 hours a week?

      WWJ e-zine quoted: for professionals using and abusing them on average 32 hours each week

      Mike, make sure that two hours per week, you are using but not abusing them.



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        OK - here is the story... When we conducted field research we found that a professional contractor worked directly with his tools on average 32 hours a week. Other time was spent on material selection, planning and the like.

        SO - when we designed the new tool line we needed to develop tools that could stand up, out perform the user, who demands that their tools work 32 plus hours a week, 52 weeks a year. That is why you see things like Extended Motor Life technology in our corded tools. Or, the Rapid Max Charging system on our cordless tools.