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Cordless Power tools - need help

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  • Cordless Power tools - need help

    I would like to hear from professionals and hacks (I consider myself one) who have used the 3 or 4 pack cordless tools over 90 days. I want to know about the effectivness of both the circular and reciprocating saw..time, power, ect..

    I'm a landlord that uses power tools a minimum of 8-20 hours a week. I'm not one of those guys where the tool is collecting dust. For the price of Ridgid I can buy Bosch or Milwaukee....I currently own DeWalt and have been satisfied...Please contact me for hopefully unbiased insight.

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    I have the quad-pack.

    I was a little hesitant to buy it because they haven't been out long enough to have comparisons in magazines or anything like that.

    To get to the point, I like the recip saw. I have not had a cordless recip before, but it has performed as well as I thought it should.

    The circular saw has cut well. I liked the balance and weight of my previous Makita, but I am satified with the performance of the ridgid and am getting more accustomed to the saw.

    I like the flashlight. It has an adjustment from flood to spot, which is useless, but the low center of gravity and shape makes it a little better than most upright styles.

    I save the drill for last. It is very strong. It handels well, but it may not be as comfortable as a few other 18v units, but very close. While I could still get the lifetime warranty(no longer available), I went ahead and got the 12v compact model so that I'd have a smaller drill that I could use when the additional weight was a negative. I can hold the chuck of my 12v Makita in my hand while triggering it. When I tried that with the Ridgid, I received a blister.

    The twin 30 minute chargers can't be beat, though a second reason I bought the 12v was because it was one of the few 12v units that would also charge the 18v batteries, and in 20 minutes. At any given moment I can have a battery charged in 20 minutes and up to 3 in 30 minutes.

    The lifetime warranty was a huge reason I bought the Ridgid set. If it wasn't for that, I may have leaned toward the Bosch set. You can get a free jigsaw with it, and even a planer if you purchase over the internet.

    Overall, I like the set. If you can find a HD with a contractors breakfast/lunch, you can get 10% off the price, or you can say you can't make it, and usually they will give you the discount anyway.

    Through some email conversation, I was assured by some Ridgid representatives that the 18v line would be expanded to include other tools. They didn't get specific, just assured me they were committed to expanding the line.

    I hope that helps you.

    I'll give you my email address in a private message if you wan't to ask a more specific question.

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      Very nice post and review. Thanks.

      One correction on the warranty issue. RIDGID extended the lifetime warranty eligbility period. Any RIDGID power tools purchased by 1/31/04 are covered under the lifetime warranty. If you do a search here you will find the official announcement and other related discussions.

      Again, good review. I enjoy seeing posts that are as informative as yours.


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        Thanks for the input from Caspian and rofl; both public and private....Its been informative and I think a 4 pack cordless set is in my future.


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          I bought the DeWalt 5 pak which includes a battery operated jig saw. Built a deck at our trailer with it and am well pleased. From what I've seen of the Ridgid tools, they look as robust as the DeWalt ones.


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            Congratualtions on your purchase.....I had DeWalt for years....and they are a proven company...I still use them...and you will have many happy years owning them....Though I ended up buying Ridgid due to the warrentee with batteries....and they have exceeded expectations....4 pack 18volt and the basic 12volt drill....


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              I use them every day lots, even at minus 40. They excel in all work.