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HyperDrive 18Ga Brad Nailer

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  • HyperDrive 18Ga Brad Nailer

    I seems that a lot of people with this nailer are finding that it won't set the nail flush no matter how you set the adjustments. The store says to take it to a service center.
    However, the closest on to me is almost a 2 hour drive (one way) away. So 4 hours (round trip) to take the tool and 4 hours to pick it up? Ridgid has got to do better than this! I questioned this and am waiting for a response, which will determine whether I stop buying Ridgid and start buying Kobalt.

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    It would seem to me that it would be cheaper to USPS or UPS it to the Service Center then it would be to spend all that time driving plus gas money. The closest Service Center to me is over an hours drive away but we all can't have a Service Center located around the corner. I agree that TTI/RIDGID should have more and better Service Centers than they do but until they do, if they ever do, it is what it is.
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