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TS3650 question regarding fence rails

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  • TS3650 question regarding fence rails

    I've noticed that it has a 36" rip capacity on the right and 12" on the left.

    Has anyone that owned one considered or made a shift in the fence to allow for 48" rip capacity with 0" left. With a table insert I could see it being stable enough.

    Comments from people that have tried, or know why they shouldn't?

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    I'd have some concern about the rigidity of the rails so far beyond the cast iron wings. You'd have to make sure the extension table was inert and square, because it can throw the rails out of parallel.


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      This has been recently discuused being done on some saw on woodnet forum - I just briefly read so cannot provide any info.
      Sounded like it was fairly simple and doable - suggest you do a search there. Also on Canadian Woodworking forum few months back

      Hewood's comments were addressed as it was concern. Believe some had boxed (cabs under) and others added simple leg stands. It cannot be that complicated I think - getting squared up in beginning is only thing to keep eye on - rest falls into place.

      Good luck and post up what you did - bet some others have had same thought

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      Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em


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        I don't even have the 3650.

        I'm considering what I want and the availability of longer rails, or the ability to shift the rails that come with the saw are a factor to consider.

        Right now I'm looking at the Ridgid, the Grizzly o444 or 0444z, and watching used saws closely for price and value.

        It seemed like a doable option and I was just interested if anyone had tried. I never cut to the left of the blade and would be giving up nothing for something.