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Spoke too soon

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  • Spoke too soon

    Ran into Ridgid rep yesterday in HD and told him how much I liked my 12volt x2 drill. I went to work and the next thing I knew smoke was coming out of my drill. Only 15 months on the job. It is the thrid different cordless drill in 3 years. I guess I will try a Millwalkee next.

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    What other brands, besides Ridgid, have you successfully killed?
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      Proud Rebel, how much do you use your drill on the job? What are you drilling into? If you use a tool like a drill for 15 months day in and day out - that is a lot of productivity given its a 12 volt. Have you seen other brands in the last three years run longer than your experienced 15 months?


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        A professional quality power tool should be able to be used day after day for years. Thats why they are called professional quality.

        If a portable power tool is only going to last for 1 1/4 years it should be labled as use for a light duty hobby shop or homeowners tool but never for a professional.

        I own a certain brand of heavy duty right angle drill thats been used for twenty years,nearly 15 times longer than Proud Rebels... Its been in the shop once for brushes and a new cord. If a tool breaks and someone says its been used too much after just over one year that brand will never grace my truck or home again.
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          I use my drills almost every day. I had a 12 volt Ryoby last a little over 2 years the same with a 18 volt Craftsman. The drills did not go south the batteries did. Two new batteries cost more than a new drill. I was going to break down and buy a Dewalt the last time but the guy at HD said the Ridgid was a better deal. It was warrantied for life and free batteries for life. They have already replaced the batteries once which I thought was too soon. I try to keep two cordless drills and a corded one on my truck all the time. By the way I took the drill to my local Ridgid repair station and he told me he gets a lot of the Ridgid cordless drills in for repair. I said they sell alot of them and up untill now mine had worked well. He said when they worked they were fine but that they were "junk" otherwise. He said he already had a spare motor on the shelf and I should get it back this week.


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            Update on warranty repair on my 12 volt x2 drill. The repair shop now tells me that he don't know if he can get the parts to repair my drill. He says they are on back order but they(the supplier) don't no when to expect them to ship. Is this the start of the end of something going wrong with lifetime warranty.


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              How long will it be before users realize that these Ridgid tools are poor in design and QC?
              How many posts will it take and why this brand loyality?


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                I don't agree that all Ridgid tools are poorly designed are have QC problems but the cordless drills may fall ito that catagory. We will see I now own two of them and when I have them I use them almost every day.


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                  Your are right,that was a non-specific comment,but was a reply to this cordless line. There are some that are OK but the drills are not professional quality b/c of the lack of consistent QC and duability.
                  I realize all manuf. have good and bad items. I would never get into the Ridgid cordless system. I am very displeased that TTI has control over my Milwaulkee tools now! I have many Ridgid products but the best one is the 20 y.o. pipe wrench!


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                    No question the cordless products are leaving a bad taste in people's mouths. Interesting, on-the-job ranking. So a Ryobi (made by the same company), lasted longer, and costs what---half the price? The other thing that caught my eye was that the service center didn't have and didn't know when they'd get the parts----where have we heard that before.


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                      yeah, I have a couple of rigid pipe vices and threaders that are older than I am (some grades of dirt are younger) and except for some minor wear repairs like brushes and cords they work as well as anything available today. The dies available today don't seem to last quite as long but they still hold for a good while. (could be the cutting oil isn't as good as it used to be?)

                      Ridgid makes the best pipe machining tools in the world but but after seeing a pile of Rigid cordless drills in a corner of a maintenance shop once I would never even consider one for myself.

                      Like Andrew, I hope TTI does not ruin Milwaukees great name as well. I have even bought a few extra Milwaukee tools to have on hand in case TTI decides to kill their quality name like they are doing to Ridgids.
                      Work hard, Play hard, Sleep easy.


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                        let me just add this. I have had two very expensive 12v Pannasonic drills die in the last year too, and a clutch on my 18v Dewalt go out. So don't think this is just Ridgid problems.