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Cordless Jigsaw is out

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  • Cordless Jigsaw is out

    Well I was doing another one of my routine strolls trough HD this weekend and i saw it... Buy a 3 pc. cordless combo and get a free battery, buy a 4 PC. COMBO GET A FREE CORDLESS JIGSAW & MAX HC. BATTERY NO JOKE!!! So now i assume that we will be seeing this for sale seperatly also soon. Just waiting and the radio and impact driver now... GOOD JOB RIDGID

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    Since I already have my 3 piece, I hope that they sell it separately!


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      Amen on that. I already have the big kit and have been eagerly waiting for a cordless jigsaw, but I don't need another battery or charger.

      I also could use a cordless angle drill, a 4" grinder/cutoff tool, maybe a belt sander and a cordless planer. A radio would not be bad either.


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        Those bastards! hehehehe When I bought my 4 piece kit they had the promo "Buy a Ridgid 4 piece kit and get ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!"


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          The jigsaw hit my store this week. As for the impact. It's coming, just don't know when. But I don't think they are even working on a radio at this time. This is info I received from the national rep at our tool road show. They do have things in the works that even he knows nothing about though so, maybe we will see a radio later.

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