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For Sale:Ridgid Cordless Batt.'s,Chargers& Drills

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  • For Sale:Ridgid Cordless Batt.'s,Chargers& Drills

    A few batteries,chargers,and drills popped up on ebay.I wonder if HD will exchange them without a receipt if there is a problem?

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    If you really wanted to cheat them they probably would if you had a receipt that showed you bought a battery operated tool during the promotion. My question is, why would you want to do such a blatantly dishonest thing?
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      So, I take it that the lifetime warranty would be honored on these Ridgid tools bought new at stores "other" than HD.

      Also,I am not so sure that it is cheating if HD is a partner in the OWT manufacturing enterprise.

      Besides,every retailer takes back receiptless products right after Christmas.


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        It was posted here by RIDGID reps that the lifetime warranty only applied to tools purchased through an "authorized" seller. That means the warranty is limited to HD and RIDGID retailers (I don't know if the retailers are selling the cordless line or not...).

        You might want to do a search and find the post.


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          Here it is, sorry I didn't have it earlier.

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          posted 10-23-2003 07:23 AM
          Cutbuff is spot on. We will support burned out batteries under the introductory warranty.
          An eBay sales slip won't get you coverage under the lifetime service agreement.
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            Are they implying that HD is the only authorized seller of Ridgid/OWT?

            Then where are all of these new tools on e-bay coming from?


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              I would love to know the answer to that one!
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                Here's at least one Ridgid Authorized dealer where the people don't wear orange. [img]smile.gif[/img]


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                  I had the idea and I'm pretty sure that alot of people are doing it now (with the sheer number of tools on ebay now) of buying the ryobi combo packs for $169 from HD and selling all the components separately on ebay. Alot of brand new ryobi stuff is on there so I'm pretty sure thats whats happening. Perhaps this is where the rigid stuff on there is coming from?



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                    I think you are right. They post it as" new in the box "but when I called a seller on this he got very mad on the response that I said it was repackaged not "new in the box "as he said. I refused to buy it because he was buying kits and reselling it as "new and unopened" which was not true and he tried to force me to buy with nasty e-mails and bad comments about me on e-bay. He did not respond until after I could remove my bid. I will never deal with e-bay again because of this experience.