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Ridgid Warranty LSA frustrations

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  • Ridgid Warranty LSA frustrations

    I had a problem with my hammer drill and when tried to get warranty work done (and YES, it was all registered properly...) but you cannot return it to Home Depot for warranty you have to ship it to a service center where they will determine if it is covered or hand deliver it, which in my case is about 1.5 hours driving time away. I will have to drive back to get it whenever it is fixed because they don't ship it back unless you shipped it there, along with charger and battery, in the first place. I live in a city of 100k+ population, there are potential service centers here but maybe they have heard what it is like to deal with Ridgid. They determined it is warranty work and over a month later they are still "waiting for parts which are back ordered", gee, where have I heard that before?? If you are only requiring light duty tools for occasional work and can go without them for months at a time while the warranty work is being done and all this after registering your product online and then having to send all original documents registered mail to get the warranty then, sure I would recommend Ridgid.
    I have never had any warranty registration go through online without them asking to send in more verification, I think they are hoping most people will not be bothered with completing that extra process and not want to spend the money on the registered mail (registered because if they say it never showed up you won't have any proof if you don't and your original receipt will be "lost" and then for sure no warranty!).
    The service center told me they want to get out of being a Ridgid service center because of all the hassles with dealing with the warranty, getting parts and then having to put up with all the angry Ridgid customers who take their frustrations out on them while Ridgid cowers behind them counting their money...Ya I'm frustrated and pissed off with Ridgid, I need my drill for my job!!!

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    I've got a Gen 5 brushless hammer drill with a chuck that wont stay locked. I found a U-Tube video that shows a Rigid service guy replacing one (older model). Apparently you used to be able to do it yourself. Not anymore. I called Rigid and they told me they would send one - but I would void my LSA if I change it. I'm in the same situation. I need my drill and the service centers are too far away and from everything I hear they take forever. I received the chuck, but am not able to get the old one off (removed screw but chuck won't break free). Ironically, after putting the screw back in - the old chuck is now holding. Go figure.


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      It doesn't cost much to ship it UPS and therefore the service center will then ship it back to you, without additional cost. It's a lot cheaper to send than to drive, time and money!

      But of course that doesn't address the time factor of the service center having to wait for parts. But look at it this way... sitting here broken, it isn't working for you, and that time while you consider you're wasting is just compounded. Send it in!

      Of course that doesn't alleviate the pain of lousy service, parts, etc. But at least it's there and the parts are ordered, which is not the case if you still have it in your hands. Ridgid (TTI) really needs to step it up, as this complaint has been going on ever since their first introduction in 2003. While I like my Ridgid (TTI) tools, I would definitely look elsewhere if I was in business and needed them to do a job. Having to wait for parts and service is NOT dependability!



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        My home depot tool rental center does tool repair. You have to deposit $20 upon drop off but you get it back if the tool is under warranty.


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          My experience with Ridgid tools is mostly positive, however, obtaining service or a replacement through the warranty program was difficult for me the three times I tried to do it at my local HD.

          Also, replacement parts can be expensive or hard to find. Case in point, I brought a Ridgid cordless brad nailer; on the box it shows how it can be serviced in the field. Guess what? Ridgid's spare parts website does not list a rebuild kit for it. I called up my local, authorized repair center and they couldn't find one either. I have a career where I make money with my tools, so downtime is something that can make or break a job.

          My tool crib has a bunch of other makes (Makita, Bosch DeWalt, Hilti, USA made Milwaukee, etc) and all of those tools, in my experience, are easier to service and warranty. The best warranty & service I've found comes from DeWalt; I just bring a broken tool to my local dealer and either they fix it within a day or two, or hand over a refurbished tool on the spot. My Makita circular saw dealer is the same way, but they are a high-volume outfit, so getting repair service is usually 3-5 days.
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            Originally posted by Joshua Burgess View Post
            My home depot tool rental center does tool repair. You have to deposit $20 upon drop off but you get it back if the tool is under warranty.
            Are you sure this is current information? I am asking because my local HD used to do the same but last time I checked (4 months ago) they said they are no longer ALLOWED to service it everything is sent back except batteries/charger. Batteries/chargers you just call the 800 number with your serial number and they send you a replacement.Also the $20 deposit MAY be refunded but not always. I was advice by the HD tool center (and later confirmed by Ridgid customer service) that they take your $20. If the item is defective and still under warranty or LSA they repair it for free you get your $20 back. However if they deem the item has been abused, or normal wear and tear or whatever, they will give you a quote for the repair and you lose your $20. From my understanding sometimes what Ridgid consider normal wear and tear is not what you would consider fair. I have a drill that wobbles and they said "that's how it is" and they wanted $89 to fix it. I decided not to because I could get a brand new bare drill for that.


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