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Ridgid battery charger problems.

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  • Ridgid battery charger problems.

    Chargers on the new Ridgid Cordless Drills?

    I bought the new Rigid 14.4 volt cordless drill lastnight and put a battery on to charge. It didn't say anywhere about how long to let the first battery charge as most battery operated things do. It did say that the batteries do not obtain thier full charge potential on the first charge. Anyways, it is late so I plug it in and let it charge 8 hours. The charger is still blinking a green light as this means it is still charging. It is supposed to be steady green when it is charged and ready. Also the charge has a red that is supposed to flash when you first load the battery as this is I guess supposed to be the thinking mode before it starts charging. This doesn't even come on. I just have a steady red light meaning the charger is on and the blinking green light that has been going on for over 14 hours. This is supposed to be a 20 minute charger, but I didn't think it would do the first charge in 20 minutes, but the book says nothing about the time. I even switched batteries and left the second one on there for an hour thinking maybe one is bad. I think the charger might be screwed up since the red light doesn't flash when you first put the battery in. I think I am going to take it back tonight. Also what little life it did run, it seem like it had plenty of power, but the chuck seems like it had a lot of run out. When driving a 2" screw it had a lot of run out or looks like it was wobbling. I didn't like that, but it seemed to have loads of power for now. I just wish I knew if the charger was working right. The first battery had been in there for 14 hours and it died in about 10 minutes.


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    You must have gotten a bad charger.
    I would take the whole thing back and exchange it for a different one. Let us know how the warranty works for ya.


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      I was in a Home Depot the other day when a rep was demonstrating the 18V X2 drill. The battery was dead so he went to swap it for another fresh from the charger. He tried that battery and the drill didn't work. He put that second battery back on the charger and it didn't charge! Tried one of the Non-X2 batteries and it didn't work. The drill smelled kind of funny, too. FOUR Batteries didn't work. The drill must have smoked all of those batteries! I really hope that warranty works - since it will be Home Depot itself redeeming the tool.


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        I got my combo kit a couple of weeks ago. Took everything out and did a little high quality toilet reading of the manuals. I put the batteries on to charge and they were doing the checking mode. The left side started chargeing and the other one did not. I resettled the right battery and it was going it's check thing again. I walked off thinking things would be good. When I got back the left one had charged and the right one was still checking. At first I thought that maybe only one would charge at a time; however, after taking the left one off and the right one still did not charge I knew this was false. I took the battery off the charger and reseated it into the charge until it snapped into position. Still did not work. Then I pushed on it again and it snapped down further and worked. Okay I'm stupid. I thought it seated properly umteen times, but it was not. Luckily I found the error in my ways and have been rockin every since.
        By the way cbag1, my manual stated something to the effect that you should remove the battery when the battery is charged. My battery would have sat fanning itself for eight hours in run check mode if I had not finally seated my battery.
        What did I take away from this? Although the charger seems to be doing it's thing, unless it is
        FULLY and firmly placed in the charger, it is a no go. The problem is, I thought I had fully firmly placed it in the charger. I guess it is not totally idiot proof.


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          Brian mine skipped the checking mode all together and went into the charging mode. The problem is, is that after being in the charger for hours, the battery would not take a charge. I took it back and got a Dewalt. I did not have any hassle returning it. I just don't trust the brand yet, especially having trouble the first rattle out of the box. These remind me of souped up Ryobi drills. I was not impressed with the regular blue Ryobi tools and decided to go with Dewalt.