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Just purchased rather oscillating belt sander... shame on you RIDGID

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  • Just purchased rather oscillating belt sander... shame on you RIDGID

    I just purchased this unit... and it does work well, but that?s not the issue. I decided to purchased an extra ?fan?, the piece that mates the spindles to the motor, as some users have mentioned that it wears prematurely (plastic). Found out it?s OBSOLETE. Can?t get it anywhere. Contacted RIDGID and was told that a change was made, but the model number wasn?t so there?s no way to know if you have a new unit or a ?new improved? unit. Not good.... VERY DECEPTIVE. Shameful. I feel completely ripped off.

    just to let you know, it was purchased at HOME DEPOT and they are more than happy to take it back. In fact, they opened the other two in stock and they are also the OBSOLETE model.

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    Love you guys that sign up and your 1st post is a b!tchy complaint.

    Would be nice if some of you guys would contribute...


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      Well, I think the guys got a legitimate gripe... and if that brings you to the forum, than all the better. It's one thing to just come here to *****, but quite another if you have something like this.... how else is anyone to know of a problem, if someone isn't willing to let it be known.

      No offense, but I don't think the forum is only intended for praise.

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    I agree with you about the fact that the model number should have changed with any kind of engineering change. However, if the part is interchangeable than I suppose product marketing and engineering probably figured it didn't make a difference. However, IF IT'S NOT interchangeable, then you just bought yourself a obsolete product! (You should discuss this further with Ridgid Customer Service to see if it's necessary to take it back.)

    The question I have is whether Home Depot knows that it's obsolete and refuses to put the new product on the shelf until the old inventory is gone. I've caught them doing that at both my local stores. That's okay as long as the customer knows what he is getting, but not knowing it's plain and simple "fraud" as far as I'm concerned. Old model tools should be discounted and noted as such and new replacement products should be on the shelf as soon as they are known and available. It's no less fraudulent than a dealer selling you last year's automobile as this year's model and not noting the difference in price or model year.



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      Would the lifetime service agreement cover this if it wears out or breaks.


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    I find that most of the time there is no malice intended, just clueless associates putting in 8 often harried hours. It's no excuse but we aren't in Kansas anymore, meaning the days of great customer service are long gone.

    Stick around the forum and you might get a great recomendation.


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      My experience shows that there is some intent. I've had a couple of occasions when I went to buy a new model Ridgid tool and was told that it wasn't available or that I was mistaken. On on occasion I went back several times over a period of two months and was told that they "must only be on the west coast". So at that point I was through waiting and putting of the project I intended the tool for... went over Saturday morning and bought the tool, then returned the following day to buy an extras set of blades, and there on the shelf was the brand new model that I had been questioning about.

      I've had a couple of friends with the same experience.

      I truly doubt that this has anything to do with Ridgid or TTI, but the ethics of Home Depot is highly questionable at times.



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        Sometimes I wonder if the floor sales staff know what is up in the sky shelf inventory until they take the boxes down and unpack them?


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          Ridgid changes model numbers on tools. It's HD that keeps the same sku. This tricks the computer into saying a new model is in stock when it's really the old one. Drove 1 1/2 hours one time and got burned.


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            To be honest, I feel that relying on the big box associates is risky. Most folks in this forum know more about the tools than they do. Now and then you do find an associate that as passionate about tools as we are but it's rare.

            A couple times a year at least at the store near me you get a factory rep and I suppose you could ask a manager when they are scheduled to come out. You can also find the Millwaukee TTI representatives in Linkedin where among their credentials you can also see their alma mater as well as country club membership. Imagine all of us voicing our gripes as he's about to tee off, wouldn't that be something.
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              Have been using mine in "belt" mode for five years and just found out when changing to "spindle" mode that plastic fan is broken in half and the pieces sitting just off to the side of the shaft. From the amount of crud on it, it's been that way for some time so I'm wondering if we even need the part! I substituted a giant washer to take up the shoulder space for now, but would appreciate hearing if anyone ever locates a replacement part and/or alternative fix.


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                I wonder if there are any 3D printer owners out there that have tried makeing parts. There are a number of forum members that I'm sure would be happy if some one could make a part for them.

                Im guessing there are a number of us that are proficient enough in Sketchup, TurboCAd or some other platform where this could be figured out although I'm not sure how time consuming or expensive this would be.

                It would be fun to go through the steps to make a part.