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    Hello, everyone. I am a new poster but a long-time lurker.

    SWMBO got an award from work for excellent performance with some money attached and she decided to throw a little of it my way - sorry guys, she's taken. Anyway, I invested in the new orbital jig saw. Great tool - cuts thru wood like a steak knife thru butta'. I test cut a crosscut thru 1 1/4" white oak (7" wide) - if I could cut a straight line it would not have required any finish sanding.

    Here is my question - the manual states that on speed setting 6 the depth of depression of the trigger will control the speed. I have tried 2 of these saws with the same result - setting 6 is fixed speed and the fastest as well.

    This is not an advertised feature - either on the box or the website - and I will not give up the saw just because this may be a 'vaporware' feature. I am just curious - am I doing something wrong or is the manual mis-printed? (Reference: 3rd Note: on page 11 of user manual).

    Thanks for hanging in thru the length of this post. I'm eagerly awaiting answers.
    Of course I can build you one of those - I just need a [new tool]!

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    It took me a google search to find out what SWMBO means and my wife just had to be standing here reading it


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      This is a misprint in the manual that was corrected about four weeks ago. The R3120 does not have a variable speed trigger.


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        Thanks for clearing up the mystery. [img]smile.gif[/img]
        Of course I can build you one of those - I just need a [new tool]!