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Made in Germany

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  • Made in Germany

    How many of you have noticed that some of the new Ridgid tools are made in Germany?

    The ROS, angle grinders, and heavy corded drill are all marked as Made in Germany. The battery drill/drivers and recip are made in China as expected. One World, indeed!

    Ridgid guys, can you drop some more tidbits and insider info on this relationship?

    Are we going to see any cutaways of the new drivers?

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    Well i have a little bit of info on this one. The corded hammer drill, 6" random orbit sander, angle grinder, and jig saw, are all basically metabo knock offs which is definitely not a bad thing...metabo makes some of the most advanced longest lasting power tools in the industry, and now so does ridgid!


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      Originally posted by coli8:
      metabo makes some of the most advanced longest lasting power tools in the industry, and now so does ridgid!
      Perhaps the more precise statement would be that "OWT, the folks that manufacture the new Ridgid power tools, also manufactures Metabo, some of the longest lasting power tools in the industry."

      So much for the "these are just orange Ryobis" argument.



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        I work at a HD here in Duluth, MN, selling the power tools, and one of the most frequent comments is "Wow, that looks like an orange Ryobi!" That is, until I have the customer hold a Ryobi tool in one hand, and the "similar" Ridgid in the other. 'Nuff said.


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          That is true about owt...but one thing that i thought was kind of funny was that for the ridgid tool line they didn't even bother to change the housing design from the metabo's....maybe they want people to know?


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            Ryobi=ridigd...guy a made some phone calls to the ridgid hotline and after being on hold for what seemed like forever...they told me they come out the same plant as ryobi and even have the same motors. I have seen Ryobi in action...and there was very little action to talk about. what is the deal? are they good quality or are they repainted ryobi...I would like to know


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              Hey Bo, I called Dewalt just now and after being placed on hold what seemed like forever,they said the same thing about Dewalt and Black and Decker


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                They are not same tools. They do orininate in the same plants as other tools sold under the Ryobi brand, amongst others. The motors come from manufacturers that make a wide array of motor packages.

                General Motors and Ford make more than one engine with multiple variation of performance.


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                  I called Black and Decker and DeWalt myself as well and also went to a HD today and if you look all Black and Decker is made in china...obviously so that they can be low cost for home owners but you look at the DeWalt and some are in the Americans (which btw i like that) others are made in Germany and some in China. I was told that they are completly different plants with completely different manufacturing process and componets. I asked the person on the other line where you may have gotten your information from and their guess was that the person thought you meant are they the same company..which they are...but not made at the same plants


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                    I believe the Ridgid is every bit as well made as the dewalt. If you don't, then don't buy one. I just hope that the one year warranty on the dewalt serves you well. My only concern about the ridgid is battery life between charges. If over the next 90 days I'm not satified with battery life, I'll return it.


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                      A reply to steb!! rigid Made as well dewault is not saying a heck of alot for rigid In my shop I got a bucket full of dead dewaults.

                      Long live the red tool


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                        IMHO,if it says,"made in China" it had better be a less expensive tool,not within the price range of a Milwaukee,or the same price as a DeWalt.

                        I can buy a made in China Hitachi cordless drill 14.4V with hard case,2 batteries,and a soft bag for $89.00.Hitachi's Chinese 12v cordless drill sells for $69.00 at Lowe's.

                        I think that the German made Ridgid tools are worth a look,but they need to get a real warranty program (warranty card-registration) if they are going to price point in the established brand's territory.


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                          The Hitachi 14v drills in Lowes are not contractor grade tools; in fact, the 14v has HALF the power of even a comparable Ryobi drill at the same price point in HD. Its Rated at 202in/lbs of torque, Ridgid is at either 400 or 415 depending on if its a X2 or the compact. The Ridgid drills have much better chucks, 20 or 30-minute chargers and are built much tougher.

                          Hitachi is a great name, however the only decent Hitachi cordless drill in Lowes is the 18v, and its combo kit (and even its lacking) and the 12-volt impact driver, which is pretty sweet. However, the 18v Hitachi is only has 300in/lbs of torque compared to Ridgid's 450 or 485 depending on which Ridgid drill your looking at, and a 2 piece all plastic 3/8" chuck.

                          Originally posted by exUsairwaysmech:

                          I can buy a made in China Hitachi cordless drill 14.4V with hard case,2 batteries,and a soft bag for $89.00.Hitachi's Chinese 12v cordless drill sells for $69.00 at Lowe's.


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                            mr man,

                            Good points regarding the lesser power of the Hitachi products.But the Hitachi products are less than half the price of the Ridgid products.

                            I think that a more realistic price point of the Ridgid cordless drills are about 25-30% lower than the DeWalt or Milwaukee comparative product,don't you?


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                              No I don't, because its not only the power, its everything else.

                              By going off of what your saying, I could expect a Corvette from Chevy to be the same price as a Camaro, I mean, they both were made in the USA right?

                              The pricing is still competitive with Dewalt, and Milw for the features your getting for your money. Maybe if the duel fast chargers, and auxillery handles were stripped away, to be on the same level as Dewalt, they would be cheaper? One year Warranty? Again, you have to look at what your getting for your money.

                              Everyone talks about the Bosch and Milw being made in Europe, its cheaper to make tools in Europe than it is in the United States.

                              Back to Hitachi Cordless though, didn't they, in the past make a much better product? As it sits now, the drills save for the batterys seem to be under the Ryobis, and above the B and D drills, at least the 14 and 18v models anyway. The the 18v cordless saw and recip seem to be pretty nice though.