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Routers - any recommendations?

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  • Routers - any recommendations?

    I'm looking to get a new router, would like to upgrade from my Craftsman special purchase. I don't need a plunge base just the fixed. I've been favoring the PC and the Dewalts a close second. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks

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    I have the PC 693LRPK and have been pleased with it. It doesn't have the power to be a heavy duty router table router (I have my eye on the 3 1/4 HP for that) but does a great job on handheld router jobs. I opted for the 693 when I was looking since it came with both a fixed and plunge base. It uses the same motor for both and was just a few dollars more than the fixed model 690. I didn't think I would really need the plunge router either, until I started using it and discovered what a time-saver it can be. Saves me a bunch of time on mortises.

    I have also heard praise for the Milwaulkee fixed-based router but I have not tried it.


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      I've used a few routers before deciding on the new porter cable 890 series router.
      The ones I liked the most were the milwaukee and craftsman. The milw was incredible, but the accessories for it are a pain in the rear to find, such as the plunge base.
      The craftsman was the easiest to use, mostly because of the handles, the power trigger is in the handle also. But I will not buy a $200 craftsman power tool. The ryobi combo was nice to use and had some nice features, but I will not spend close to $200 on ryobi.
      The porter cable was great in every are except one; I do not like those old style knob handles. Nothing was perfect but the PC was the closest for me.
      Try out a few different styles and brands and see what you're most comfortable with. A router is probably the most important tool comfortwise.


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        There are many. Size-use-all factors. Some superb threads and discussion on woodnet forum. Check it out there - heavy router useage by many there and think they have owned them all it seems.
        I've got 5 - love them all for different reasons. And useage. A kit is nice start - even if you feel you may not need one base or other with time you will find you "want" if not need! They have kicked up the hp in this arena and they actually do nice job in table as long as you not spinning the largest of cutters.
        PC-Bosch-Milwaukee-Triton ---- serious cutters and serious players.Among others.
        Check out that forum for more info than one can digest - saw a new thread with same question there are a couple hundred there in last 3-4 months.
        Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em


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          forgot this if you want to surf there too

          Wish I had the answers ..... even half of \'em


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            There is a magazine in HD now Popular mechanics and it talks about all these routers. You may want to pick it up and see what they say



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              Ditto to recommending you look to woodnet forums for some excellent evaluations and observations. Take a look at Pat Warner's site to - The Router Man himself. He knows more and used more than almost anyone out there. I like experienced people providing opinions personally and he has it
              I do not mean to discredit Craftsman products in general but the routers there seem very questionable value wise. The market is loaded with quality vendors that provide better product by substantial margin I feel. No-I have not used a Craftsman myself but the posts seem to validate my impressions. Look at many before you buy and then make decision.


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                Hey all,
                Thanks for the heads up. Keep the feed back coming. Thanks again


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                  Too bad Ridgid doesn't have a Router, eh? Then we'd have a quality router for life.

                  Check out the new dewalt router at Lowes. I bought it for my Dad for Christmas. Great system, interchangeable bases for fixed and plunge routing, as well as a removable cord. I read a review in "wood" which helped me make my decision between porter cable and dewalt.

                  By the way BRANDMAN, when can we expect to see:
                  1. Routers
                  2. Belt Sanders
                  3. Cordless impacts (keeping fingers crossed)
                  4. Radio/Charger
                  5. Saw blades
                  6. Drill bits
                  7. Screwdriving bits

                  Send em our way, BRANDMAN...

                  RIDGID MAN #1