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  • Oscillating Sander?

    Should I go out and get the old (Now in HD stock) Belt/spindle sander, or wait until the new generation arives in Oct. I have been looking for an oscillating sander and this is the only one that has both belt and drum capability. Never had a tool from Rigid but have admired them from afar. I have noticed that the new Lathes have variable speeds, that is cool. if I remember riight the old stile was single speed.

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    Welcome aboard! I hope you will enjoy the forum here.
    If you dig around the forum here, you'll see a lot of discussion about Ridgid tools manufactured by Emmerson, vs. the new tools manufactured by OWT, One World Technologies.
    You may find the oscillating sander on sale. But on sale or not, you won't make a mistake taking home the Gray sander. We haven't seen the new Orange units, and we don't know what changes are in store. I would get the one in stock today, but if you choose to wait, at least get it before 12/31/03 when the lifetime warrantee expires.
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      You'll probably pay $25 more for the new orange color when it arrives, than for todays gray one. The specs like most of the current range remain the same. So orange for $225 or gray for $199 there's your choice.



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        I recently picked up the Ridgid sander in gray because I didn't care for all the orange on the new one. Either way you will be happy with your purchase. It is quieter than I expected and makes quick work of sanding jobs. Previously I was locked into using my Ridgid Drill press and a drum sander, this clogged quickly and sometimes burned the wood. The Ridgid Oscilating sander eliminates most of these problems.

        Make your color choice and jump in!!

        P.S. I also picked up the TP1300 in grey for the same reason. Great Machine!
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