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    Any help with old tool and user would be great. I know how to adjust the carriage lock on the 1300 I have, and I have done so successfully for some years. Yesterday, the planer carriage wouldn't move when I cranked it, and the carriage lock lever was so tight that I couldn't release, located over the carriage adjust crank on the side of the planer. So I did a "carriage lock adjustment" by following the Ridgid procedure, released the lock by loosening the gear on the shaft end where the lever connector meshes with the gear and... now I find that I can no longer tighten the carriage lock at all.

    I'm using the lock lever to turn the gear on the end, and keep turning it counter-clockwise which, before, tightened it. Now, however, the gear and shaft threads out so far without tightening that I can no longer rotate the lever as the lever connector intersects the slot in the side of the planer and I can no longer rotate the lever either direction. So, I cannot tighten the carriage lock any longer.

    I've searched high and low for direction on line with no success, so I throw myself on the net of the combined knowledge of this group. Anyone else have this sort of TPTP1300-599 carriage lock lever issue, and if so, how was it resolved. My thanks. Wil123.