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TS3650 Dado Problem??

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  • TS3650 Dado Problem??

    Well I've been toying with the idea of picking up a TS3650 since I just lost my "loaner" saw to my dad.

    Is there any way the spindle can be fixed by filling the groove with epoxy and sanding flush? I haven't had a chance to look at the spindle closely yet at HD.

    Hope my first post isn't a stupid idea. Thanks.

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    It can be done with JB Weld, but why would you want to spend $550 on a new saw that needs epoxy on the arbor in order to cut dados? There are several excellent alternatives in the same price range. I'd let Ridgid sort out this issue before I'd invest in their problems. The arbor problem has been around longer than they want you to know.

    [ 12-27-2004, 05:30 PM: Message edited by: hewood ]


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      Tex'----if you read through some of the threads on this, FWW tool reviewers came up with the same solution.

      But, as Hewood said, why buy something where you have to provide a "fix" to a manufacturer's defect. This saw has been plagued by similar problems from it's introduction----weak/wobbely legs---fixes with bracing or extra washers----motor with screws protruding from the shaft---installing new or fixing problem. Heck, if this was supposed to be a DIY kit, you shouldn't have to pay as much.


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        Thanks Dave & Hewood. Until I buy a bigger saw, I've got a little 8 1/2" Makita I can use.

        I went through the contractors saw search a couple of years ago and don't really look forward to it again. I didn't have to buy anything cause my dad loaned me his while he was in an apartment.

        It seems all the manufacturers have/had their problems. For the amount of money I've got to spend (~$500)I don't think I'll get much beyond a Grizzly or Ridgid.

        I heard horrible things about Grizzly's machining. Maybe I'll just get by for awhile and see if I can get something used.


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          I'm not sure what you've heard about Grizzly's quality...they make alot of stuff...some good, some great, some not. There new TS's are getting pretty consistent raves for value.
          (0444Z - $525):

          There's also Bridgewood, the new Orion made Sears saws, and the new Delta's all with excellent offerings in the price range. Many of these weren't available even a year ago. Even the basic Jet saw is a good machine.


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            Thanks Knot Me. It's been a couple of years, but I had heard that the extension wings on their saws had problems (misalignment & warped machining).

            The G044Z looks pretty good and I've got 220 pulled for an a/c unit in my shop anyway. Do you have this saw? What's your experience been? How's the shop fox fence perform? Lotsa questions.

            I'm limited to a contractor saw from a budget (self-imposed) and weight (gravity-imposed) basis --my shop's above my garage.

            I'm getting off-topic now.


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              Tex'---used is a good option and you're likely to get more for your money that way as well.

              Check Griz's web site. They have a place you can request the names of people in your area who have the saw you're considering, to take a look.

              If you can put together a few more bucks, General has a contractors' saw with a Biesemeyer fence for about $700.

              I would agree that all saws may have their quirks/problems----I would just say, Ridgid seems to have more than most and they seem to have trouble with customer service.


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                Hi Tex - I don't have this Griz TS (it wasn't available when I bought my saw), but have read nothing negative about it fact, I've read a fair number of positives. It has the same fence that comes on the Bridgewood, Woodtek, King Canada, and others. It's a steel Biesemeyer knock off with aluminum faces that's supposed to be pretty good. It's not quite a Biesemeyer, but it does have the plus of offering t-slots on the faces, is very rugged, accurate, and repeatable. The 2hp version is supposedly pretty stout.


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                  It is clear that with some models of stack and safety dado blade sets that there can be clearance and alignment issues when used in conjunction with the RIDGID® Model TS3650 table saw. We apologize for any confusion or performance issues that they may have created for those of you who have experienced a problem of this nature. This problem does not occur with all dado blade sets so as a result RIDGID would like to provide you with this means of assistance should you have a concern with your TS3650 arbor and the use of specialty blades like dado sets.

                  PLEASE CALL RIDGID TECHNICAL SERVICE AT 1-(866)-427-8177.

                  Our experienced technical support staff will quickly be able to diagnose any potential issues you may have with your TS3650 arbor. If you do have a problem, we will stand behind you and do what we can to supply you with a remedy so that you have the optimum performance, productivity, and enjoyment out of your RIDGID TS3650.