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no dust control R2740 belt sander

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  • no dust control R2740 belt sander

    This belt sander never collected anything in the dust bag. The dust bag inflates but nothing goes in there, all the created sawdust blows all over the room with the help of the motor fan that exhausts hot air out of the front. I removed the black side covers and the bag fan is connected to the timer belt and spins when the sander is on. I called the "support" line and they don't have any answers, no one there knows how this product is supposed to collect dust. The reviews for this sander all say that there is good dust control. Does anyone know why this sander doesn't collect dust in the dust bag or how it is supposed to do so?

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    Dust bags seem to be sort of waste of energy. Not sure about really high end tools but all three of my Dewalt sanders need to be hooked up to a vacuum or I end up looking like a powdered doughnut.

    For health reasons you really want to use a vac anyway as well a a dust mask. You also have way less clean up since most dust ends up in the vac and not in your workspace.

    Ideally you?d want a vortex filter then the vac, it?s easier cleanup on the vac filter.


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      Is this a "new" tool or is it a "used" tool????
      If it's new and less than 90 days old return it for another one.
      Did you register the tool properly? If so and it's older than 90 days from purchase
      send it in for repair.
      If you bought it used..well that's your problem.

      You may have a clog, is the tool "clean" Have you used a flashlight to view inside the
      dust port?
      Does the use of a vacuum eliminate your problem?
      With the dust bag removed do you see dust blowing out the dust port?
      Have you cleaned the dust bag?..use compressed air to blow it out so it can breath.
      What are you sanding?

      I'm sure others can add many more questions but you really need to troubleshoot
      the problem..arm chair troubleshooting often leads to arguments and bad feelings.

      Cactus Man


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        I bought the vacuum hose kit so the sander could be attached to a shop vac as Mightyservant suggested. When the running shop vac was connected to the sander the vacuum sped up as if it was plugged up. I tried to find any directions on the Ridgid site about taking the sander apart or a parts diagram but the search led to a dead end as did trying to buy parts. When I took the sander apart I found the passages for the air to the vacuum fan were plugged up with sawdust so that was cleaned. The good news is that the shop vac now pulls in most of the dust and keeps the air passages clean. After four hours of use the sander started to make sparks so it was taken apart again, the sealed outer motor bearing decided to seize and that melted the plastic dust cover. The sparks were created by the motor armature spinning into the stator since the outer bearing wasn't contained by the melted dust cover. This sander is about three years old and has less than forty hours of use on it, parts have been ordered from ereplacementparts.
        Here's a photo of the plugged up air channel, all the air going to the dust bag fan passes through the small vertical rectangle to the left of the roller.

        ​ Here it is cleaned.


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          Mightyservant commented
          Editing a comment
          Try reposting the pictures but you might try and a new sander or a different brand. If your fine sanding, it trends to cake on into the works since the material coming off ends up like flour. Its sort just stacks up in the vents and fan blades.

          Now and then I'll use compressed air to blow out the vents out sanders or grinders which help them run cooler.

          If your doing a lot of sanding, take a little time and get set up with the right hoses, filtration, and vacum system. It will make your life easier. I don't have anything to elaborate and I use this setup for a miter saw, needle scaler, cement/plaster sawing, hand planer and general cleanup.

          The right set up will save you health, time and cost of replacing expensive filters.

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        Except for Festool, I haven't seen or used a sander with decent dust collection. Don't know about Makita or Mafell or other high end brands, never used them, but I know my Festool sanders are top notch at dust collection. They capture almost all the dust, 99% or better. Same goes for my Festool circular saw. Even with the dust bag it grabs almost all the dust, when connected to the dust extractor nothing gets away from that thing. The bag on the saw does fill up pretty quickly, after two 8 foot rips on 3/4 ply you will need to empty it, but to me that just proves it works, as does no sawdust flying around when you cut.

        But none of that helps you with your RIDGID sander. Best bet on any sander is to use a dust extractor or shop vac. Not just for the mess but for your lungs.
        "It's a table saw, do you know where your fingers are?" Bob D. 2006



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          What exactly are you sanding?

          Cactus Man