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Conversion of ni-caddy to lithium

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  • Conversion of ni-caddy to lithium

    I was wondering if anyone here had this done.I have an old 18v tool set from Mac Tools.I'm interested in conversion to lithium ion.Hate the thought of not being able to use them anymore,and the last rebuild of ni-cad battery left something to be desired.

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    If you are discussing Ridgid 18V tools then there is no problem to move to Lithium-Ion batteries.
    You Must be sure though that your battery charger is labeled dual chemistry or lithium-Ion otherwise
    you will not be able to charge the new batteries.

    Ridgid is now around generation 5 regarding battery chargers. I'm using generation 4 models
    without any issues. The newer models present less radio interference if that is a potential problem.

    If you are discussing a different tool brand..all bets are off as some manufacturers change the contacts and connection
    design of their newer battery packs..

    How about telling us what tools specifically you are asking about....By the way..I'm thinking about buying
    a red car..can you tell me which one to purchase?

    Cactus Man


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      Well,the red car that says turbo charged Porsche 911 on it,of course.The tool set is a Mac Tools kit I purchased years ago off the dealer who visited our shop every week.Mac tools no longer supports this kit.And my mistake,it's a 19.2v battery,according to mostly worn out tag on battery.


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        Well Tony..HA!! good choice for the car....
        As far as your battery question I believe you only have one option and that is to rebuild the old

        If the new 19.2 Mac tools offer Lithium-Ion batteries and if they will work for your older tools [fits]
        and if you can purchase a charger that supports the Lithium-Ion battery, then go that way.

        If your old Mac tools are orphans and the rebuild cost of the batteries is prohibitive I'd suggest
        you look at the Ridgid tool line and retire the Mac tools.

        Buy a kit with batteries and the batteries will be covered by the "LSA" program.
        If you purchase batteries by themselves you only get a three year warranty!!!
        YOU are required to jump through the various hoops to properly and timely register the tools
        or you'll be back here bitching about Ridgid not supporting your tools.

        Keep in mind..only Home Depot purchased Ridgid tools are covered by the "LSA" program.
        If you buy through e-bay, amazon, or other places you can expect only a three year warranty
        and not a service agreement [LSA]

        Cactus Man


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          I highly suggest you look at something other than the Ridgid line of tools. If you like a variety of tools and good service, try Ryobi or Milwaukee.

          ... it was plumbed by Ray Charles and his helper Stevie Wonder