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    Ok, did everybody make up?
    Comparing miter saws, Makita LS1214 & LS1013, Dewalt DW718 & Ridgid MS1290.

    Here's what I get.

    Dewalt has 2-4" more cutting capacity on the crosscut.
    Is that backfence any good if I'm building this saw into a bench?
    Dewalt also has a 6-1/2" vertical cut on baseboard.
    Is that only on a sq. cut and no good on miters?

    Makitas 45d miter cutting compacity is only 8-1/2" compared to 10-12" on the Dewalt or Ridgid.

    One more thing, my hometown HD has a Ridgid for $499.

    I really can't decide, I need help!!!!


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      To answer your question about the DeWalt and baseboard.... I think the 6-1/2 inch dimension is for Crown molding that is vertical. That is, instead of using a compound cut, you hold the molding against the fence as if it were placed between the wall and ceiling. The capacity for a baseboard will be the maximum capacity of the saw at a bevel/miter.

      I would also say yes, the fence is important. You will probably build your bench's fence up to the saws fence. Make sure you leave enough space if your saw's fence "flips" for bevel cuts.



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        You may be able to get a good deal on the DeWalt DW708. It is a 12" slider that has a very good reputation and is currently being discounted at the BORGs due to thr new models being released recently.


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          sliding compound miters

          On sliding compound double bevel miter saws--

          I don't have any practical experience as yet, just doing some research both on line and in stores like Home Depot, Sears, and Lowe's. That being said, please take my comments with a grain of salt as I haven't actually used any of these.

          Saws displays I looked at in Home Depot, Sears, & Lowes:
          (all are dual miter, dual bevel, sliding saws)

          Craftsman Pro 12" Model 21206 $600
          DeWalt 12" Model DW718 $650
          Makita 10" Model LS1013 $530
          Ridgid 12" Model MS1290 $600

          1) All but the DeWalt come standard with a "laser."
          2) Of the 4, I thought the Ridgid's controls were the easiest to reach and use. Rigid's miter and bevel gauges were also the easiest to read and weren't glued on.
          3) All had positive miter stops, but Craftsman had fewer
          4) Craftsman didn't have any positive bevel stops and the saw was bulkier and heavier than the rest. The Ridgid was a fairly close second in this category.

          I initially wanted to check ou the Makita, but after "playing" with it for 10 mins and seeing how the controls worked and comparing prices, I decided to check out the bigger saws. After "playing" with the 3 12" saws, I'm personally leaning towards the Ridgid because of the controls and features, but I'm still doing research on quality. I already own craftsman, makita, and dewalt, and a shopsmith, but saws like these are definitely in a different category.

          I'll probably get in touch with some contractors I know to see what they say.

          Hope this helps...


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            DeWalt 708

            I know this was mentioned earlier but I have seen a few places with the
            DW708 on CLEARANCE.
            I just picked one up for $350.00 @ my local LOWES.