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Ridgid 18v Bluetooth Charging radio

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  • Ridgid 18v Bluetooth Charging radio


    Got my new Ridgid 18v Charging Radio today. Home Depot $129. Bluetooth control is pretty neat. Charges the battery if plugged in to AC outlet. Going to test the speed against the Gen5x charger to see if it's a quick charger. Anybody else got one?

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    i have the non charging version of this radio. i use it at my PC desk for the PC soundcard so i can jam to music while i work on the PC. i was considering a bunch of different bluetooth stereo speakers that had built in batteries and minimal warranties, but when i saw this and it had the 1/8 audio jack, i was sold. its sound is GREAT!! and the LSA is great too.

    my wife borrows it sometimes for meetings where she needs to play music/youtube to a large group and it works great for that too.
    HEY! What does this button do?


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      The free music playlist is awesome.
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