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  • TS3650 TableSaw

    Looking for extension to attach to the saw for router use (using saw fence ect.).

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    Sears has an extension for 27" deep tables that supports a router. Might be worth a look. Not a big fan of their saws but they do carry accessories. You need to make sure that they offer a mounting plate that will accomodate your router or at least a universal plate.


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      Check out this link:

      I have one on my 3650 and I know there is at least one other member here that has one on his older Ridgid saw. It's a nice unit and worth the $140 price. I'll post pictures as soon as I get around to it.


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        TJ, I've been through this routine with my TS3650 and found out there are lots of considerations that must taken into account when adding a router table. The first question is Where? Are you considering swapping a wing for a table or thinking about using the open space at the right end of the saw? I chose the latter because I couln't bear losing a wing. That meant I had to worry about rail alignment and support. On the TS3650, that's a problem because the rails are not partucularly strong and the tops of them are not level with each other. After looking at all the options, and considering the high cost, I decided to build rather than buy. You would have to do some major mods to a purchased table that are just about as much work as building one. Photos of my table are posted in the General Woodworking Discussion; Topic: Router Table project for TS3650. Based on the feedback I got, most people thought it was a good approach. Check it out.