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  • Milwaukee Holeshooter

    I just bought a Milwaukee 234 Holeshooter on EBAY. I have heard nothing but great things about them. I like to collect classic tools,and I believe that this drill is or will be a classic.

    One question? What's the big deal about them? It is definitly built like a sherman tank,but it only has a 5.5a motor (puny by current standards)
    The drill is strong,but my Milwaukee 302 seems much stronger.

    Any Comments?

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    I bought a Milwaukee 0234-1 in 1975 and it's still going strong today. Mine is only 4.5 amps but it can still sprain a wrist if I'm not careful. Don't know what the torque is on it but its a bunch I'll bet.
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      it is very simple really the hole shooter is much like the old dodge slant 6 motors they are both very simple in there design run for every and are tough as nails the real old hole shooter had a metel handle till about 1968-70 time frame also was one of the frist drills to have a 3/8 drill chuck instead of the then standard 1/4 chuck also i belive the frist hole shooters had a 3 amp moter but i might be mistaken on that but they have so much power for its size most of them die from owners that bore way to big of a hole with them i have bored 2 8" holes in to 3/4 inch mdf making a custom sub woofer box because i had lent my hole hawg to mt father inlaw an the little drill did it with just alittle effort but i was worried that i could have gotten hurt
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        I bought my 0234-1 in 1988. It also is still going strong. I remember I was the last one on a job finishing up some punch list stuff. I came in one morning which I expected to be my last day there and the gang box was gone. I called the shop and found out the truck driver stopped by on his way to the shop the afternoon before (I had already left for the day) and picked up the box to save himself a trip the following day, not realizing that I still had another days work to do. The job was roughly 50 miles from the shop and I needed a drill motor so I ran down to the nearest hardware store and bought the Milwaukee. I didn't want to wait for someone to bring a drill from the shop and I needed a new drill for myself anyway. I had everything else I needed to finish up in my personal toolbox. I've never been sorry I bought that drill.


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          I have an 0102-1 Holeshooter that I recently inherited from my dad. Not really sure how old it is, as it's pretty beat-up. It's 3 amp and has a 1/4-inch chuck and in spite of some pretty harsh use and storage, the darn thing still works quite well and has plenty of torque.

          Perhaps this winter I'll give it a new cord, but I think all of those scars need to be preserved and take their rightful place in the shop.



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            Milwaukee says the Holeshooter's torque is 279 in lb.
            I also have a D-handle Milwaukee,rated at 4.5a,at 500 rpm. (the current D handles have 7a)
            That drill has thrown my 250+ pound body a few times,and has been airborne and hit a hard concrete floor a few times. It is a butt kicker despite its amps,probably due to its low gearing.
            The 7a should be illegal!