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  • Laser question

    I did a search of this topic prior to starting a new thread. In my search I could not find a solution.

    I understand that the laser on my MS1065LZ is only an indicator and is not intended to actually align with the cut mark.

    However is there any way to get it closer especially when the blade is at the top? I don't mind if the line moves to the left as the blade comes down but I'd love for it to be right on the cut line when the blade is all the way up. I've not disassembled the unit as yet to see if there is any way to shim the laser diode in an attempt to get it closer or on the line.

    It is my hope that since 2003 whan the last mention of this was posted that there has been some progress in improving this.

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    This topic has come up many time but unfortunately there has not been any changes/improvements in the washer style lasers that are found on many saws including the Ridgids'. A very good aftermarket laser is the Laser Kerf.
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      It looks great however of all the applications where it will fit the MS1065LZ is a 'will not fit'.