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Just got a Ridgit TS2400 table saw! Paid CAD350!!!

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  • Just got a Ridgit TS2400 table saw! Paid CAD350!!!

    Picked up a old TS2400 table saw. The original owner kept every part, including the guard and the user's manual.
    The saw is showing very light usage. User's manual is from 2003. (15 years old saw? LOL)
    I was going to buy a brand new Bosch 4100 for CAD600, until I tried it at Homedepot. CAD600 plus tax for what they are making these days just does not worth it.
    So I found this almost new used one. $350 gives me much better quality.
    I am not a woodworking expert. Only compared them by what I can see: the table top, mitre gauge, and the fence.
    TS2400 has much thicker aluminum top, and dead flat (quickly checked by a 4' level, gap is for sure less than 0.010")
    TS2400's mitre gauge is heavier and less play left to right.
    The fence is easier to slide and square BEFORE and after locking down. Bosch's fence is too loose before lock down. (but is solid and square when locked.)

    Not sure about Ridgit new R4513, I think probably the same case. All the manufacturers are trying to lower their cost to be more competitive.
    Anyway, CAD350 gives me what I expected.

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    Congratulations on finding a pristine TS2400. Your saw was a Ridge Tool manufactured saw unlike the current version of the jobsite saw that is available now. As you said, made to higher standards than what is available today.
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      Thanks. I like it a lot!
      heard people say blade is important. This one still has the stock 32 teeth.
      I am going to use this saw for doing window casing.


      • BadgerDave
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        In order to get quality cuts, the blade is very important. I would suggest you relegate the stock blade to general purpose ripping duties. For your casing project a 60T to 80T blade would be my choice. Freud has several options to choose from.

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      How about this one on Amazon?:
      I also got MINWAX PASTE WAX. Tried a little bit on the side of the table top. Just wondering is it going to make a mess on the top when saw dust falls on it?


      • BadgerDave
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        That blade would be just fine for your project. As far as the Minwax paste wax is concerned, you don't need to worry about sawdust causing a mess. The wax will actually do the opposite plus it will make moving wood through the cut much easier than with an unwaxed table top. Enjoy your new table saw.

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      Ok. Thanks. Will get the blade and wax the whole top.