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  • Initial impressions

    1st I finally had a chance to scrutinize the new line of tools today. The Circular Saw was sitting right next to the PC 347 and I couldn’t help but notice that the motor assemblies bear a strong resemblance, same specs, same screw holes, just a little change in the overall shape, could it be more than just coincidence?

    2nd My initial impression of the 3650 was favorable (except color, unless target customer is working in the woods in deer season); although I have become accustomed to my webbed wings on my 2424 I really liked the solid wings with the slot down them. Buy a can of spray paint and it appears to be a solid choice for a $600 saw.


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    I would not give up my webbed wings for anything! They have become 2nd nature to me for clamping all kinds of jigs/fixtures/hold downs to. If I had solid wings, I'd have the things drilled full of threaded holes in a week!

    On a second note, I'm wondering if I could order a replacement table top for the new saw to fit to my 2424. T-slots sure would be nice to have!
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      I really liked the new wings too. the solid wings are a welcome sight and the holes that they left for clamping are more useful now than they were before. (because new ones ahve more room in between for clamps for featherboards.) I wonder if I caa replace my out of square old ones with solid new ones?


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        Initial impressions-
        The cordless drills are made to look like the dewalt's with the metal up front and the metal chuck. They seem kinda big though. The recip saw looks mostly like a ryobi and a little too light duty for me. Overall the tools look like they're right in between the do it yourself/home owner quality and a contractors tool. Just my thoughts though. I'm a power tool junkie and it's pretty cool to see something new on the market.


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          Just picked up a 4 pack toolkit. first impressions?

          The Drill: Feels good in my hands. Not quite as good as my trusty old Dewalt but I tihnk thats mostly because Im accustomed to the Dewalt. It feels nice and balanced. I cant wait to put it through its paces..

          The Saw: Seems pretty nice. Doesn't feel cumborsome in my hands. The plate is nice and sturdy. Looking forward to making some sawdust with it.

          The Reciprocating Saw: Ive never owned a battery powered sawzall before. I feels similar to my corded models. Will have to wait see how well it works.

          The Light: It's a light, no big deal.

          The Bag: It built of nice sturdy fabric and I like the metal frame to hold it open but it just doesn't seem big enough. Maybe I just havent figured out just whch way the tools best nest in it. We'll see. I dont think I'll be able to get the charger in the bag along with all the tools. It'll just have to ride seperate in the truck.

          Anyway, so far I like the kit. i havent actually used any of it for real work yet, but monday is coming up fast...

          OH, and I really LIKE the color...



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            My impressions-

            18v 4 pc combo kit- Amazing

            The drill out performs any cordless drill I've ever used or barrowed. lots of torque and many broken phillips bits today [img]smile.gif[/img]

            The Circular saw seem to work great but I haven't really put it to the test yet. It seems to run on stealth mode, very quite.

            I can't say enuf about the reciprocating saw. The day I bought my kit I decided to try it out and put in the wood blade and headed outside to trim some trees, thinking the battery wouldn't last the hour till lunch. I was wrong, it kept cutting and cutting. I had to put it down and come back later.

            Last sunday I got to use the light to chase a raccon out of the chimeny, I felt safe knowing I had a 18v X2 set of brass knuckles to protect myself if I had to.

            Being happy with these I decied to get the 12" chop saw and the orbital sander.

            The chop saw is on par with dewalts and with a lifetime warranty wins by defalt. hehe dewalt-defalt, actually until I read the lifetime warranty I was going to go with the dewalt combo kit and chop saw, as I doubted Ridgid powertools(being new and all).

            I haven't had a chance to use the sander yet, but in the next few weeks I'm going to refinish all the fascia and trim on the house so that'll put it to the test.


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              Hey Matt P. There is a little description of how you place the tools into the bag that should have come with your instructions. You may be dissappointed to find that they literally have to be put into the bag in a certain way, leaving the drill and circ. saw on the bottom. Let me know if ya can't find the drawing 6 steps of packing the bag drawings. I could send ya a scan of ya like or maybe brand man can get em for ya too
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