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  • extra batteries

    I am planning on buying the 4 pc combo kit, but will want extra batteries so each tool has one ready to go. will they be available soon and will
    they also be covered by the warranty?
    will HD carry them?

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    and yes,
    not sure, good question, i'll find out though. [img]smile.gif[/img]


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      I saw a couple on the shelf at my local HD.



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        Haven't seen them here in my area, But I need extra batts also. What was the price on the extra battery at HD?


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          The chargers and battery packs are making way into HD stores. Got an initial suppy of twin chargers - 18v - 14.4v & 12v in yesterday. the twin charger is $99.00 i believe and the batteries are comparable with Dewalt & Milwaukee.....18v is $79. They will be lifetime warrantied as well. So for the folks that feared that Rigid would hold back the charger and batteries........fear not.


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            I got mine in last night. Now, whereinthehell am I gonna merchandise them? [img]smile.gif[/img]


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              Put them in the paint deptartments overhead, 16ft in the air, on a pallet, like some HDs do...


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                Batteries, covered under warranty??

                Is this only for the batteries that come in the kits, or individual batteries.

                I asked the Ryobi/Ridgid/Homelite Representative in the Home Depot (I picked his brain for the better part of an hour and he gave me a sherbet colored Ridgid cap), and he said that batteries sold off the shelf were covered under the three year warranty, only batteries sold with a kit had a lifetime warranty.

                Is this correct...because I'm gonna buy a bunch of batteries if they are covered for the rest of my life!
                -Fred J.


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                  That is not correct. Batteries sold as accessories, sold in drills only, or in kits are covered by the warranty. just keep your proof of purchase.