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  • Ridgid Stick Driver?

    I just got the December 2005 issue of This Old House Mag, in the mag it has a holiday gift guide. I see that Ridgid is suppose to have a $99 stick driver which is 9.6 volts, which pivots and resembles the DeWalt 7.2 volt driver. My father has one of the DeWalt 7.2 volt driver and he has nothing good to say about it. I have been holding off on buying one because every power tool and various hand tools that I own from drill press to a regular 3/8 electric drill is Ridgid, and I was hoping that Ridgid would come out with one. Well it appears that my waiting has paid off. Does anyone know when they will be available at local HD stores? I can tell my wife what I want but until I actually take her to HD and physically point the item out, I will end up with something totally opposite. If anyone knows any thing please post a reply, I would greatly appreciate it.

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    I bought one of these yesterday. I also have the Dewalt too.

    The Ridgid is nicer in that the 90 degree handle position is more comfortable and it tops out at 560rpm vs 500 for the Dewalt. But I like the Dewalt bit release mechanism better, and the smaller overall size. The Dewalt comes with a hard case, the Ridgid the classic "throw your tools in a pile" canvas bag.