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18v x-2 battery run time

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  • 18v x-2 battery run time

    I just purchased a 18v ridgid 1/2 cordless drill with the x-2 battery packs and Im very disapointed with the run time of the batteries. Ive owned several other 18v drills Makita etc.. and the ridgid batteries last less than 1/3 of the other drills with normal 1 hour chargers. Ive also noticed that the ridgid battery packs are lighter than other professional brands, and they dont show the amp hour rating anywhere?.ALso how are we supposed to charge the battery packs in colder temperatures when the fans run all the time and freeze the cells so the charger cant accurately judge the voltage of the cells thus overcharging them and damaging the cells.Any contractor who works outside on a jobsite can relate to this.If this problem continues I will have to return the drill before my 90 days run out.

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    read the instructions.

    The first few charges yield less run time than after the battery gets "broken in".